Need help with "Acronis True Image"

  Skeletor 20:34 18 Aug 2003

I have been using "Acronis True Image" for the last few months to create images of my hard drive on to a seperate partition. Everything has been fine while I've needed to restore the entire image. A couple of days ago I decided to start afresh after my PC had developed a few
gremlins and glitches and reinstall "Win XP HOme" and all the software I use. I thought that as I had an image of my previous system on another partition, all I had to do was copy my documents and settings from there onto my newly formatted partition...WRONG! I can access my wifes folder in "Documents and settings" and my daughters, in fact I can access everything in the backed up image except my own folder. When I rest the cursor over it it shows as "Empty" which I know is wrong as I have reinstalled that image just to check it, all my documents, photos etc. were all there. When I try to open it I get the message "G:\Documents and settings\Steve is not accessible. Access is denied". I've tried accessing it from my wifes and daughters account, Still no joy! I also made sure my password protect on my account was disabled before creating the image. Any advice gratefully received. Thanks.

  jazzypop 22:17 18 Aug 2003

I suspect that it is not so much an Acronis issue, as an XP/NTFS one. If you have installed a new version of XP, and then try to copy your documents from an 'old' installation of XP, the ownership of the old My Documents folder wil appear to be different to that of the 'owner' of the current version of XP.

I suggest that you either reinstall the complete partition from within Acronis (assuming that it contained Windows as well as your documents), or take ownership of the imported documents, following the procedure at click here

  Skeletor 10:56 19 Aug 2003

Thanks for the advice.
The versions of XP came from the same CD, the only difference I guess would be that the newly installed XP doesn't have the updates. It seems strange that my wife and daughter can copy there folders from their user accounts but I can't...It's enough to make you paranoid!
I'll give your idea a go. thanks

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