Need help with Acronis AGAIN please

  golfpro 08:54 03 May 2005

A couple of weeks ago after loading Acronis TI 8 into my computer and getting my external hard disk set up right (with a bit of help from this forum, thanks), I made a full back-up of my hard disk, I now have one folder on my external disk with the full back-up. I would now like to make an incremental back up of any changes that have occurred over the last couple of weeks. The trouble is when I go through the wizard menu and choose “incremental” the first operation will be to create an incremental image from Disk 1, to file “J” Backups fine, but then the last operation before pressing the procede button “Operation 2 of 2 says it will create a partition image from my hard disk C: of 37.26 GB, then when I press proceed it tells me this image is over 11GB. I haven’t made that many changes, so how can this be so large, or I have I done something else wrong??? B T W I have read the book but I am still no wiser.

  rawprawn 09:15 03 May 2005

I use Acronis 7 and I'm sure it is a bit different,and I don't do incremental images. However the 11 gb may be that it has to rewrite the whole program that has been changed from your previous backup. Although that would not necessarily mean you were saving an extra 11gb. I am not certain that this is the correct answer but I would give it a try and then see how much bigger your new backup is to the old one.
I think incremental images are a waste of time and if you backup to the Secure Zone as you run out of room the oldest image is pushed out. I also backup to my second HD, but I delete the previous one first.I think it is the safest way and I have never had a problem.

  toothwright 09:34 03 May 2005

I've noticed that the incremental backups seem to be much larger than I would expect. However, the important thing is that they work when you have to restore them - so I wouldn't worry.

  TomJerry 09:37 03 May 2005

it is stated in manual

  golfpro 10:09 03 May 2005

I think I read in the book, it advises you NOT to create a "Secure Zone" when using an external HD. I thought it would have been a simple matter to back-up your HD disk with any changes you may have made in a two week period (just like saving changes to a Word Document), it seems I was wrong...(Scatches head and wonders if its all worth it).

  gudgulf 10:23 03 May 2005

Having had to use my Acronis backup recently I can only say that keeping an up to date backup whether incremental or full can be a right pain in the behind...........but boy am I glad I did!!!!

  Chegs ® 10:29 03 May 2005

I had approx 12 HDD images created with Acronis,checked them with Acronis Explorer and they were all fine,completely screwed my system with XP+linux install,went to restore my C:\ partition,and not chuffin one of the images would work.Fortunately I possess an extremely good Recovery app,and could recover 15+Gbs of data from my PC.I will never again trust Acronis,I will return to using DriveImage2002 from floppy.Although it means I have to create images from "outside" of OS,I have rarely had any trouble restoring from these DI images. :-(

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