need help!!!

  108state 11:09 10 Feb 2006

my cd drive/dvd rom isnt recording information onto rw disc? I have previously been able to burn music onto cd and also save images onto disc. Now all I am getting is a box saying device not ready - with retry and cancel buttons at bottom. I have tried rebooting and have tried other discs. can anyone help me with suggestions of how this could be fixed???

would be much appreciated!

  Gongoozler 11:21 10 Feb 2006

Hi 108state. You're really not helping us to help you. The title of your thread doesn't give us any information about your problem, and so is unlikely to attract the attention of anybody with the knowledge to help you, you haven't told us what version of Windows you're using, what software you use to write to the disks or anything else about your computer. If you can give us more information, we might be able to come up with some ideas.

  rawprawn 11:22 10 Feb 2006

Right click on your CD Drive/Properties/Recording Tab/make sure the box is ticked "Enable recording on this drive"

  108state 11:54 10 Feb 2006

Im working on windows 98 and have been trying to save images from photoshop onto a disc.

I have checked my drive and there is no recording tab in properties.

Does this mean I do not have a rewriter?? Can I get one to attach to my computer?

  GroupFC 12:19 10 Feb 2006

"Does this mean I do not have a rewriter??" -

not if " have previously been able to burn music onto cd and also save images onto disc." LOL.

It's a long time since I have used W98, and I'm afraid I can't help but at least this will bump you up the list!

  rawprawn 12:26 10 Feb 2006

Sorry I am on XP, and I don't know about Win 98.

  Diemmess 12:38 10 Feb 2006

You twice used the "RW" term. Was that a figure of speach or are you using Re-writable blanks?

You havn't said what software (Roxio or Nero) but both have a different approach depending on which sort of blank you are burning.

So if you go the burn once or multisessional route and pop a re-writable disk in the slot, you will get the sort of error you are seeing.

If you are using re-writables you will have to start by opening InCD (Nero) or the Roxio equivalent.

Sorry if I've got it wrong, I don't trust re-writable disks for long life, so have only used the cheaper but best quality CDRs for photos in particular.

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