Need help with 1st gaming pc

  TheLeeham1 00:40 13 Aug 2012


Im looking to get a gaming pc but i dont know much about hardware since im a simple console guy. I have a friend who is a pc gamer and builds computers for fun sometimes. I have talked to him when we went to school together about a month ago and i was telling him how i wanted to get into pc gaming since im starting to get bored of the sh*t xbox keeps giving me. Any way im here to ask what should i go for. Custom built or Pre made ?

Any answers are appreciated.

Also i have a Budget of around £400-50 since im a 16 year old guy waiting to be accepted into college with no job prospects in a middle class family.

Games i want to be able to play =

Z8 games, crossfire. Counter Strike Source. Dayz. Minecraft. etc...

Btw i have a loptop at the moment witch i have had for 2 years and now overheats after a few hours or if i start up a game. this is because of gaming for extensive hours.

Also i would want to use,

Steam, skype, xfire, Opera,Gimp, Sony vegas and I tunes.


  frybluff 10:04 13 Aug 2012

Do you need "peripherals" eg monitor, webcam, keyboard and mouse, speakers, operating system, to be included within budget? Do you feel able to build, yourself, perhaps with your friend's help, or do you want fully pre-built?

  TheLeeham1 19:07 13 Aug 2012

Yes i need everything, case, hardware, mouse, keybored and monitor.

And my friend has said he would come over and put everything together :) and i was thinking of buying the parts seperately and not buying pre built custom but i could. my issue is my budget.

  frybluff 20:42 13 Aug 2012

The problem with budget pre-built systems is that they inevitably use cheap matereals, which are likely to be unreliable, and not long-lasting, plus you don't get a lot of choice, about what goes in them. With self-build, you get to choose all the components, and can make sure they are good quality. With your budget, however, it's going to be difficult to put together anything, half way decent, in terms of performance and quality.

I will have a look, tomorrow, and see what I can do. It will, inevitably, mean a fairly basic, small, monitor, and basic graphics card, but they are things which you can upgrade, as and when you can afford it.

  frybluff 19:02 14 Aug 2012

As you said, your issue is your budget. I take it you will also need operating system, speakers, and webcam (for Skype), all of which is not possible, within a £500 budget, if you want reasonable performance, and, at least reasonable quality components. I can just about put a half-way decent system together, WITHOUT monitor and speakers, for £500. It may be a solution, if you can acquire a second-hand monitor, with built-in speakers (HDMI connection). Then you could always get nice monitor and speakers, later.

I will have a quick look if there is anything around, in pre-built, that might meet your needs, but I doubt it, unless going for something of really naff quality.

  frybluff 13:25 15 Aug 2012

Having trawled around most of the options, the bottom line is that, as you need all of the "peripherals" (monitor, speakers, OS, webcam etc), there is no way to do what you want, WELL, using reasonable quality components, under about £600.

If you can beg, borrow or.. a HDMI (with built-in speakers) monitor, I could put together a reasonably nice system, for the rest, including half way decent graphics, under £500. The advantage with that is you would have something of reasonable quality, and performance, that you could upgrade, further, as and when funds are available.

An alternative to that, would be a custom build company, like Cougar, who have a reasonable reputation. They do a "budget gamer", which you can part-customise. It's based on a cheap case, and power supply, and only a dual-core Athlon processor, which is only "OK". You can, however, add in a reasonable graphics card, monitor and operating system, for around £450 delivered. That leaves you a bit, to get basic speakers, and webcam. Do bear in mind, it's not going to be super performance, and probably won't have much scope, to upgrade.

  TheLeeham1 16:06 15 Aug 2012

Thank you for the help so far :)

Hi, would you be able to maybe make me a kind of list of what i could get, how good it is etc. like a sort of plan. well i mean write up what you suggest and the price etc. so i could take a look if its not to much trouble. Thanks again, Liam.

  KRONOS the First 17:37 15 Aug 2012

You are going to be struggling to build a half decent PC for that sort of cash particularly when you need a monitor and other peripherals, but flybluff has already pointed this out. I have just priced a PC without KB/mouse and monitor etc and that came to around £550 for another forum member. Have a look.

  frybluff 20:20 15 Aug 2012

That is a good budget system, that Chronus has put together. Actually same processor, motherboard, and case I was thinking of. I WAS going to try to cut back, on some other items. You COULD use a slightly cheaper PSU, but money spent on a good power supply is a wise investment. You could get away with less RAM and storage, and, of course, a lesser graphics card, but, honestly, if you can stretch your budget to Chronus' suggestions, I would go for it. That way, you're likely to last a bit longer, before you feel the urge to upgrade.

You probably could save a few quid, if you wanted to "shop around", for components, but there's definately something to be said, for getting everything from one, RELIABLE, supplier.

  frybluff 07:22 16 Aug 2012

Just so you've got some figures, to compare, if you HAVE to economise, from the "good" system.

I was going to suggest, to get below £500 (exc monitor), and leave a bit for keyboard and webcam:-

PSU - Thermaltake SP530 (530w) @ £47 Saving £23

RAM - 4GB (2x2GB) Corsair 1600c9 @ £23 Saving £15

HDD - 500GB Seagate Barracuda @ £52 Saving £12

GPU - Either HD6750 @ £76 Saving £33 or HD6670 @ £58 Saving £51

I would re-iterate, only make these savings, if you really have to. Whilst these suggestions would be adequate, Chronus' solution is a lot better.

  TheLeeham1 13:49 17 Aug 2012

Thanks for the help guys but im gonna be honest and say im a complete noob when it comes to pc's so would you be able to post a link for me that has everything already selected and the total cost? or links to the parts i need :)

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