Need good IP tracing software.......?

  bch8132311 01:08 23 Sep 2003

Can anyone suggest a good IP tracing software to trace a African Scammers .......?



Ps ASAP Thanx

  Djohn 01:20 23 Sep 2003

Sorry, I can't think of what will help you to trace them, you could try a search on Google. click here But probably best to just ignore them and delete all mail that you receive from these sources. Regards. j.

  Audeal 04:55 23 Sep 2003

There is no such software or other method that I know of. Besides, what could you do if you could trace them ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:27 23 Sep 2003

There is absolutely no point as they always use proxy or mass servers. All you will get is Yahoo or a Telecom address. Apart from that, you are not you are not dealing with amateurs but highly organised and amoral people. Leave it to Scotland Yard Plod. Getting on the wrong side of people who have 'reps' in a lot of countries would be one of your not terribly good ideas.

The scammers rely on peoples' stupidity as, a) the scam is obvious to all but the truly deranged and b) if it were real it is obviously illegal, so anyone poarticipating deserves to lose all their money. Leave them to it.


  The Sack 10:47 23 Sep 2003
  tbh72 11:44 23 Sep 2003

Neotrace Pro..... But it's expensive!!!!

  Belatucadrus 12:08 23 Sep 2003

click here Spam CSI, what exactly you hope to achieve is anybodys guess. The local authorities aren't heavily into chasing spammers.

click here for the police 419 page.

click here if you just want a laugh at them.

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