Need to go wireless, cable broadband, old PC

  Saetana 17:04 25 Apr 2010

I have just acquired a smartphone and want to turn my cable broadband connection into a wireless network (Virgin is my ISP). My PC has a 1GHz processor with 256MB RAM (I know its old, getting a new one in a couple of months) running Windows XP and has no built-in wireless, just an Ethernet port for my (wired) cable router. What do I need to set up a wireless network? I know I need a wireless cable router but have heard that I also need a wireless adapter and am now somewhat confused. I am an intermediate level computer user but have never needed to set up a network before. Any assistance would be much appreciated.

  Jollyjohn 17:09 25 Apr 2010

You can run both wired and wireless. Once you get a wireless cable router, continue to run your PC wired and connect your smartphone wirelessly.

  Strawballs 00:05 26 Apr 2010

I have Linksys wireless cable router with 2 desktop PC connected via wire and 2 laptops wireless and when my son visits he connects wireless with his iphone and so does the daughter with her samsung jet phone

  Saetana 05:30 26 Apr 2010

To clarify, I know I need a wireless router but I have heard mention of a wireless adapter and I am not sure if I need one or not, also is my new PC likely to be wireless enabled (I have never had the need to set up a network before).

  mgmcc 08:02 26 Apr 2010

A "Wireless Network Adapter" is what needs to be installed in a computer in order to connect *wirelessly* to a wireless router. If you continue to connect the PC to the router by ethernet cable, you *don't* need a wireless adapter.

If your new PC is to be a desktop PC, it is unlikely to be "wireless enabled" (have a Wireless Network Adapter installed). Laptops and Netbooks are almost universally "wireless enabled" these days.

  popgeoff 09:04 26 Apr 2010

I had an old PC running XP. Router and phone point out of the room. Bought an EdimaxEW7318 USB Wireless Adapter from Amazon for peanuts. Loaded the software, plugged it in, entered the security code and bingo no problem. Really happy with that.
Now I have an Acer Aspire all-in-one desktop running windows 7. This is wireless enabled and is great.

  Saetana 19:20 26 Apr 2010

Thank you all for your assistance, particularly mgmcc as this answered my question as to whether I need a wireless adapter. I do intend to connect my PC by wired means and merely to use the wireless for my smartphone and Nintendo DS.

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