Need a free AV for a friend

  TommyRed 12:16 27 Jul 2004

As he doesn't remember to update regularly, it needs to update regularly. Can I download AVG for him as this has a scheduled update, as he doesn't go on the Internet that often what are the best settings to make? Don't I have to fill in details to get AVG free and then a key is sent to me, if so can I use my details even though they've already got them. TIA TR

  jonnytub 12:17 27 Jul 2004

use his details, but get them sent to your email address, update manager in avg is fairly easy peasy to use.

  Djohn 12:30 27 Jul 2004

Use your friends name/address but your email address then copy to pen drive and install to his PC.

PS. If he's using express don't forget to tick the "Use IE5 plug-in" for checking emails. It will work with all versions of IE from 5 and above.

  TommyRed 12:33 27 Jul 2004

No, he forgot the password and now uses Yahoo web-mail. is this a problem, he also uses IE5 on a 98SE PC. TR

  Stuartli 12:53 27 Jul 2004

Better - and safer - to use IE6 than IE5.

  Stuartli 12:54 27 Jul 2004

Better - and safer - to use IE6 than IE5.

  Stuartli 13:04 27 Jul 2004 fairly easy peasy...

It either is - or isn't..:-)

  jonnytub 13:07 27 Jul 2004

"easy peasy" it's easy, ;-)

  Djohn 13:21 27 Jul 2004

No, not a problem but may be best to do a manual scan of any suspect email before opening it. If he was using IE 5 or higher then ticking the plug-in would do it automatically and place a message on all outgoing mail that it has been scanned with AVG.

If you right click on the AVG Icon to open the application you will see a button for "Advanced". Click on that, make sure the boxes are ticked for scanning outgoing/incoming mail then click on the "Certification Tab" You can type any message you wish in there for the recipient to see at the end of the mail when he/she receives it.

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