Need a firewall with program control for win 7

  AL47 14:39 14 Nov 2009

since upgrading to win7 i am in need of the program control function that ZA provided, [ie when a program accesses a network a notification pops up with allow/deny]

i know ZA free firewall doesnt work on 7 :( but is there something else out there like this, [or even if its just for program control rather than firewall]

im am eagerly awaiting ZA to be win 7 compatible!!

  User-1229748 14:48 14 Nov 2009

a few free ideasclick here

  AL47 15:01 14 Nov 2009

im gonna try ashampoo,
havent heard of the other companies except commodo [i dont like comodo] and ZA which doesnt work.

anyone know if norton UAC works like this? just without the firewall?

  AL47 15:02 14 Nov 2009

ok, cant install ashampoo or nortons UAC

  User-1229748 15:13 14 Nov 2009

can't windows defender be used to allow/deny?if that's what you are after.or are you using microsoft security that turns it off?

  AL47 15:32 14 Nov 2009

i dont just want a list of programs, i wnat the system to tell me when ever a new program asks for access to the internet..

its amazing how many programs access it without you knowing, i always had ZA turned on to always ask.

  AL47 15:33 14 Nov 2009

if there is no option i may go back to vista until ZA updates its free version

  rdave13 16:24 14 Nov 2009

Try Windows7 firewall control, free version. click here

  AL47 19:58 14 Nov 2009

the free version seems to be lacking the main feature i want

  rdave13 20:11 14 Nov 2009

It will ask to allow or deny apps that try to connect. You can also change permission. Sorry that I misunderstood what you needed.

  rdave13 20:28 14 Nov 2009

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