need to find codec for avi film

  AB's 17:29 26 Jun 2007

I have d/l a film but it wont play ! i have tried WMP, Quicktime, real Player and VLC but nonew of them will play it, i have the XVid codec installed.
I tried GSpot but it shows no information, could any one tell me of a decent codec finder, i had a good one a few years ago but have bought a couple of new comps since then and ive forgotten what it was called !!

comp Spec now is........
O.S = Windows Vista Home Premium
Model = Novatech PC
Processor = Intel[R] Pentium{R} D CPU3.20 GHz
Memory [RAM] = 2046MB
NVidia GeForce 7600 GS graphics card
System Type = 32 bit O.S.

  Jake_027 17:39 26 Jun 2007
  Gongoozler 17:43 26 Jun 2007

I don't know about a codec other than XVid, but VLC is a lovely little player in its own right, and it plays directly from the EXE file without having to be installed into Windows click here.

  AB's 18:06 26 Jun 2007

Jake_027 uninstalled XVid and tried the KLite pack
but it still wont play in any of the above players?

Gongoozler already have VLC but it wont play it !

  reddwarf 18:46 26 Jun 2007

click here
try this to find the codec required

  umbongo(uk) 18:51 26 Jun 2007

lol warez film n he wonders

vlc player and the above k-lite codec packs play everything going (used by professionals and pirate markets mainly torrent downloads thts all im gonna say on this as there are forums already out on the web for this) id suspect you downloaded a false file
use google on the file name you have then get back if its a legit movie

  AB's 22:08 26 Jun 2007

umbongo(uk) i dont think its for you to make assumptions or make judgements on what i D/L ! i was asking for support not oppinions !

thanx reddwarf tried your suggestion and it says it is not an AVI ? The film is
The Comic Strip pressents.6. Five Go Mad On Mescalin (1983)
I have many of the other comic strip avi's which are all of the same file size and I got them from the same place and they play perfectly well ! is there a way another way to find out what the file format is?

  €dstowe 22:14 26 Jun 2007

What are the three letters after the full stop in the file name? Example: afilm.avi or anotherfilm.wmv

  umbongo(uk) 22:27 26 Jun 2007

well my asumptions were correct
dont see any judgment in my paragraph saying naughty boy etc

or you would have pointed us to were the file was so we could have seen its format
like i said the site you got it from will hold the key to what it is
as i have already checked the torrent out
Uploader's Comments:
This is the exellent British 80's commedy series staring the likes of rick mayall ade edmonson nigal plainer jenifer saunders dawn french peter richardson plus many more please keep seading and enjoy.

not hard when you look
ps i already post on said site,s you visit were it should be posted please read the comments there

  AB's 23:07 26 Jun 2007

its The Comic Strip pressents.6. Five Go Mad On Mescalin (1983) .AVI

however i think it must be a damaged file ! or badly converted.

umbongo(uk) I had looked but found no solution, if i made a pressumption on your assumption and got the wrong end of the stick then i apologize.

Anyway looks like it doesnt work so thats the end of that.
thankyou all anyway

  johnnyrocker 23:19 26 Jun 2007

if vlc wont play it it is deff corrupt cos will play anything that aint you could as a last resort try click here but i doubt if useful


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