Need external hard drive for windows ME

  technoclown 08:33 11 Aug 2007


Is there someone who can advise me please?

I have an old e-machine - windows Me and he is ready to retire.

We have six years of our lives stored on this computer that is now chocking to death for lack of memory which has reached its memory capacity and is threatning to give up at any time.

We are buying a new vista computer and would like to take all the information off the old ME computer and store it in an external hard drive so that the data can be transfered to the new vista computer when we are ready.

Can anyone advise which is the best external hard drive to buy in order for us to do this.

We recently purchased one which said it would work on windows Me only to relise when we got it that it did not, even though it said it did all over their website and the box it came in!!.

So if anyone knows of a make that actuly works with Me then please advise.


  Diemmess 08:58 11 Aug 2007

It is not the HD that is at fault but the ability of ME to recognise it.

You either need software which used to be supplied with the external kit, or to make ME able to use USB, which is the same thing.

It seems to me that data rescue is priority and you can probably buy a cheap PCI to USB card to put into your ME system and solve the connection problem straight away.

Another roundabout way-
If you are thinking of a new computer?
When the new one is up and running "borrow" its old HD, temporarily put it in the external case case and copy everything you want to the new computer.

  Diemmess 09:01 11 Aug 2007

I meant of course, "borrow" THE old HD.

  Graham. 09:04 11 Aug 2007

...or set up a home network?

  wee eddie 09:53 11 Aug 2007

and should only cost about £20, maybe less.

What you look for is an "Enclosure" (USB2, but most are anyway). This is a little box that you put the old Hard Drive into and then plug it into your new PC.

The new PC should be able to read it, once you plug it in, and you can then transfer all your files.

One thing to beware of: Do not unplug an External Hard Drive while the PC is running. There are recommended Close-down routines but there have been many stories of Corrupted Drives. Having lost an External drive by pulling out the USB Plug before it had properly closed down I'm now very careful.

The same thing goes for all Back-ups. Always have 2 Copies. In case one becomes corrupted. This Goes for every Type of Back-up. CD, DVD, Tape (most companies actually keep 3), ZIP, or External Hard Drive. Keep one copy under the tree at the bottom of the Garden. In case of Burglars.

  Snec 10:22 11 Aug 2007

See top left click here

I use one of those with both XP and WinME. For the WinME machine there is software that comes with the drive. This software is not needed for XP.

  Pamy 11:12 11 Aug 2007

Just another point, you say that after getting the information (data) off the old HDD and putting on an external drive you then want transfer it back to your new Vista computer. Why transfer to new computer?

  paul€ 11:55 11 Aug 2007

What is the make and model of your e-machines computer and this new external hard drive.

Lets see what or if there is some incompatibility.

  pj123 12:36 11 Aug 2007

I use this great adapter to connect all sorts of drives to my PC. £17.95 including VAT and Delivery.

click here

  Andy1991 13:57 11 Aug 2007

you need a hard drive preformatted as FAT32

  Diemmess 17:51 11 Aug 2007

You say a new external USB connected drive didn't work?

Has the drive been formatted?

Andy1991 has made the point.

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