Need explaination with Memtest86

  marxa 12:50 14 Jul 2018

hello so after two bsod with tittle "memory managment fault" i did tests, first i did windows memory diagnostics and it said that problem exists with memory and then i ran memtest86. It's still running rn but i have question, right now i have about 250 errors with just one failing address, does it mean that just that address caused these errors and if i disable windows from using that address the rest of memory will do fine?

i have this pc for around 5 years. It has one stick of 4gb ram and the only recent change i had in my rig is replacing radeon hd6750 with gtx 1050 and i did that 4 months ago. Never had any problem with ram until yesterday

here is the pic of memtest click here

  MJS WARLORD 13:30 14 Jul 2018

right click your hard drive then properties then tools , run the error checker , it may take a long time but at the end of it you will also get the chance to let windows repair itself. One other thing I thought of , a 5 year old pc might not be good enough to run a gtx 1050 , if you still have the old card put it back in for a while and see if the problems still happen. By now your windows reliability monitor will be 0 so to give you a clean chart run ccleaner and tick the box marked windows event log and run ccleaner . untick the box before you close ccleaner so you can start recording any fresh errors, you might also find this link useful.

click here for 10 but the same method should work for you.


  Secret-Squirrel 13:42 14 Jul 2018

.........i have about 250 errors with just one failing address

I'm sure there's more than one address affected.

................if i disable windows from using that address the rest of memory will do fine?

That can't be done.

Tthere's nothing you can do to fix your faulty RAM module so it needs to be replaced. Simples.

  MJS WARLORD 13:57 14 Jul 2018

hello again squirrel , I agree with you he must have more than 1 failing address , I am surprised the set up is running with only 4 gb ram.

marxa have you tried altering the size of windows virtual memory

  marxa 17:29 14 Jul 2018

mjs warlord - yep i have 10 gb of virtual memory, played gta v with it

  rdave13 20:12 14 Jul 2018

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