?need to exit MSN messenger before shutting PC off

  end 07:40 13 Feb 2005

Win 98SE IE6 and MSN messenger version 6.2;

problems this morning; had logged into BB and visited some sites; MSN not logged into but program running in background; when shutting down PC (tower)comp refused to shut down and had to press restart to get it back up to try and switch off again

then BB refused to load, and had to reboot and restart about four times before BB connection would load ( most unusual for this tower)
ran scan disc which found nowt wrong
my question; do I have to completely exit the MSN messenger program and remove the icon from the tray before I let the PC turn off, else is the PC getting confused with what it is being asked to do ?
(that is the only thing that I can think of that might have caused this to happen)

thanks team:)

  Colinp 08:44 13 Feb 2005

There is an update for MSN Messenger now which they want you to install. That might have something to do with it.

  billyliv 10:58 13 Feb 2005

I have downloaded the messenger update and it is listed as version 6.2. Cheers, Bill

  end 12:08 13 Feb 2005

that one is already installed on here

does it require itself to be totally closed an exited before the pc is shut ?
also; my modem lights did not go off, but remained on during the first try and rebooting (very strange) but,despite both light on the thing was not connected to BB and got two red arrows..strange

  easyrider 12:28 13 Feb 2005

I have messenger 6.2 and no problems shutting down O.S. XP , IE 6 , & Mozzilla firefox

  end 12:56 13 Feb 2005

am closing this and starting again to clarify; I think I could be asking the wrong question:(

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