Need either a new hard drive or a new computer.

  Jsfortner 22:59 31 May 2018

My last computer needed a new graphics card, so I asked my grandmother to take it into a shop to get a new one installed, but instead they stole my computer and gave her a used one that was way less valuable and told her that it was better. This computer also had only a trial version of windows 7, so I have no boot disc. Now the primary hard drive has crashed, and I am wondering if I should just get a new computer. My price range is $500 and I need a gaming computer. this one is barely adequate for what I need, but it does the job. Should I buy a new hard drive or the computer? And if a computer, what computer would you suggest? I can assemble a computer myself as well, so if you have in mind a bunch of compatible components, that's fine too. Thank you guys in advance.

  MJS WARLORD 23:49 31 May 2018

are you real , their is no way you will get a good games pc for $500

  Menzie 00:26 01 Jun 2018

If a reputable shop loses your computer they should be providing an equivalent replacement.

  Jsfortner 00:39 01 Jun 2018

I don't need professional quality here. I just want a computer that won't lag when I play games like Warframe or Riders of Icarus. I was hoping you all would know more than me and help me out with this. I've already found some great quality components, but I need some more opinions.

  wee eddie 02:49 01 Jun 2018

So. List what you have and we'll see what we can do.

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