Need drivers for unknown soundcard

  mother inferior 18:01 25 Jul 2003

We have recently reformatted and reinstalled Windows 98 and the soundcard needs a driver. The soundcard was preinstalled but the driver does not appear to be on the manufacturer's (Packard Bell) master CD's. I have tried to find out what the soundcard is using Belarc advisor but it doesn't detect it. Furthermore, if you look at the properties of the soundcard in the Device Manager, the resources tab says, "The resources this device is using do not match any of its known configurations."

Is there a program that will be able to detect what the soundcard is or is there a generic soundcard driver we could use instead? Thanks in advance.

  Rayuk 18:04 25 Jul 2003

You could try Aida32[Personal System] good little utility

click here

  mother inferior 18:27 25 Jul 2003

Thanks for the link. I downloaded the program but it detects the soundcard as "unknown PCI device". Is there a generic driver I can use?

  PA28 18:36 25 Jul 2003

Most of the native "Soundblaster" and other W98 drivers will work OK with a wide variety of cards. When you select "update driver" get it to show you all drivers and take one off the top of the list - work downwards if you have to, it shouldn't take too long. Alternatively, have a look at the card - it should have its' origins printed on it. I presume that the Mobo doesn't have this integrated onboard, as otherwise the drivesr would have been on the motherboard CD.

  Rayuk 18:38 25 Jul 2003

Do you have the pcs full name you could then track it on Packard Bells website for sound card manufacturer.
Have you tried to load the driver with the cd you have or will it not find it for you.

  Buachail Mór 18:40 25 Jul 2003

Query google for all the following in one:

"Packard Bell" [your pc model number] "sound card"

and see if it throws up anything.

Is it a card or on board sound? If a card, have a look at it and see if there are any identifying marks on it.

Do you know the motherboard? If so, it may have downloadable drivers which will include sound.

  mother inferior 10:39 26 Jul 2003

I am trying the suggestions out now so assume the problem is fixed. I will repost if I need to.

Thanks again :)

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