need IN DEPT explanantion of 'Site Downtime'

  Sunny-275842 21:57 19 Jan 2004

can anyone tell me in detail what site downtime is and how to avoid it happening, also if theres any sites out there anyone would know im having troubles finding info on Site Downtime anywhere.



  Forum Editor 22:55 19 Jan 2004

refers to thos occasions when, for one reason or another, a site is offline.

Usually downtime is the result of problems on a server. Most big web hosts have servers located in special facilities (which may or may not be managed by them) where there are arrangements for rebooting servers that go offline. Often the servers themselves have self-diagnostic software installed, and this monitors the performance of hardware components. A failing hard drive usually exhibits warning symptoms and these are detected by the software which can be configured to automatically dial an engineer's mobile phone, so that someone can be onsite, no matter what hour of the day or night. Some facilities are staffed right around the clock.

Server failure is rare, and most professional web hosts can point to an 'up time' performance record in the high 90 percent range - 98% is common. On some packages - mainly the more expensive business ones - you'll be offered a service level agreement, guaranteeing you an up-time percentage.

Many people don't know if their site has been offline for a short while - it happens at night, perhaps, and they're non the wiser. Web hosting companies have to carry out server maintenance from time to time, and they'll write to their customers warning them that the server will go offline for say half an hour on a certain date. Bigger hosts will arrange for server 'mirroring' to prevent any downtime for maintenance - all a server's sites are transferred to another machine for the duration of the work; the sites don't go offline at all in these circumstances.

Does that help?

  Sir Radfordin 00:10 20 Jan 2004

Can't really add anything to what the FE has said apart from perhaps to say that there can be instances where a website isn't "down" but some of the underlying infrasturcture of the Internet is. A month or so ago there was a problem with a cable off the coast of France that caused widescale problems for many Internet/Telecoms users. This may have caused sites to 'appear' down when infact they were not...they just couldn't be accessed.

  Sunny-275842 09:05 20 Jan 2004

yep that helped alot! really appreiciated it, thanks FE and Sir Radfordin

oh yea and one more thing, this might sound alot, but ive made a list of incentives that a site would bring, but whats the intiatives that would also be when having a e-commerce site?


  Sir Radfordin 10:27 20 Jan 2004

Whose home work we doing then ;)

When you say you have made a list of incentives for having an e-commerce site are they from a customer or business perspective?

Not sure what you mean when you say "whats the intiatives that would also be when having a e-commerce site?"

I've always understood an initative to be an starting idea or something new. So are you looking for new 'things' when you have an e-commerce site? If so it will be things like extending the catchment of the business from the local area to worldwide, being able to sell your product 24/7 etc.

Post back if you want to ask more.

  Sunny-275842 18:11 20 Jan 2004

lol to your reply, well ive managed to find some initatives and incentives about starting a new business as a e-commerce site.

im glad that your able to offer me help as i really have no idea what goes on when creating a new business as a e-commerce site.

if you are able to help with me some of the questions i'll be very greatful indeed :) below are just some things i dont quite understand or find confusing.

1.Legal and Ethical issues in relation to trading through the internet. what legal issues would be brought up if a company only trades in the UK. issues of developing competition and open markets, selling products via the internet that have no import and export licence for a particular country.

2.Justify the claim that trading in e-commerce has minimal securtiy risks

and one last one :D

3.Devise a strategy that a company could use to support e-commerce trading taking into cosideration cost, time and resources including an impact analysis (a few idea of what is meant)

if you can help with these few pointers ill be very greatful!! its way to confusing with all this law and issues in setting up a e-commerce site, but i guess it be just the same as setting up your own company.

thanks in advance


  Sir Radfordin 02:31 21 Jan 2004

You wouldn't happen to be a student on an e-commerce degree would you ;)

Knew I should've done those modules!


If a UK company only trades within the UK then things are kept fairly simple. A company is free to choose who is supplies (subject to normal discrimination laws!)

Data protection laws may well be something you need to consider here.

It has been argued that the e-commerce is not restricted to a country, and some would suggest that the Interent is almost like its own country.

If you only trade in the UK then you have close off a large market area and may end up turning many customers away.

If you do plan to import/export goods then this would need to be investigated - as the question says a licence may be required for a particular country.

There are also other things such as tax that need to be taken into consideration.


You are going to have to either agree with this claim or disagree. There are two ways of looking at it. The first is minimal security risk to the business, the second is to the customer. If things are set up in the right way with proper protection (encrypted data etc) then there is only a minimial risk, some would argue even less than convention business transactions. However there is scope for it to be a massive security hole for both customer and business.


Here you could include Desision Support Systems to build a model to see what the cost/benefits etc are for moving into the e-commerce domain.

You are looking at providing a business plan that will show how the company could become an e-commerce business, the costs/benefits associated with doing so and what impact this could have on the business as a whole.

Post back if you need to ask any more questions. It may not be till tomorrow evening before I next look at the site but I will check!

  Sunny-275842 17:45 23 Jan 2004

thanks Sir Radfordin and FE! i appreiciated the help guys or gal, i done this piece of work with extensive reasearch and recived my marking for this piece. i gained myself a Distinction :D so im very pleased.

thanks again!

PS, sorry that i didnt manage to reply back few days go Sir Radfordin, cus i was busy doing it and coundnt find time to come here, thanks again!

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