need to delete SIS 900-Based PC1 Fast Ethernet Ada

  Nickiet 12:36 18 Jun 2006

This LAN keeps coming up on our PC at home, we are unable to delete and it keeps interferring with our tiscali connection, any ideas thanks

  Marsh Warden © ™ 12:40 18 Jun 2006

If you are connecting to Tiscali with the supplied USB modem, you can disable the LAN in your BIOS.

  Nickiet 13:00 18 Jun 2006

Thanks for that but still new at this PC stuff, BIOS? Why can't I delete it final so it stops interferring and where did it come from?

  Marsh Warden © ™ 13:17 18 Jun 2006

It's an inbuilt function of your motherboard, for connecting to Local Area Networks (LAN)or for a connection to the WWW via a router connected to the Ethernet port on the back of your PC

"Why can't I delete it" is the same as asking why cant I delete a USB port, you can't delete it, but you can disable it to stop it starting, through your BIOS setup.

When you start your PC, during the first few seconds when there is black and white text on the screen, look for a message along the bottom that says "Press Del" or "Press F2 to enter BIOS".

Press whatever it says and your PC will enter the BIOS configuration. Look for an entry that says "Integrated Peri phials" or similar, highlight this using the up/down keys and press enter, look for an entry that says "ON Board LAN" use the up/down keys to highlight this and use the page up/page down keys to change this to "disabled". Press the F10 keys to save the changes, press enter at the prompt and the PC will restart without the LAN.

WARNING!!! If you don't feel confident in doing this, don't attempt it as messing with your BIOS can render your PC inoperable.

  wobblymike 13:33 18 Jun 2006

You can also disable it in Control Panel - Start - Control Panel - Network Connections - you will find the LAN connection there, right click and select disable.

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