Need to create a wireless network urgently.....

  Mezzo 21:25 12 Dec 2003
Locked my brother is coming over from Costa Rica tomorrow. He has a laptop with an intel centrino processor, so how should i play it?

I currently have a US robotics sureconnect adsl modem. When i asked pcworld if id be able to use a lynksis (sp) wireless router with it they said no as my modem was usb. is this right? cant i just get a cable from the modem to the router?

The port on the modem is a funny shaped thing, like a box with a smaller rectangular bit at the top. can i not just get a, for want of a better word, 'double-ended' one of these cables (the other end is usb) to plug into a wireless router?

Appreciate any help as always.


  Gaz 25 01:28 14 Dec 2003


Thats not possible,

but you could connect a wireless network access point to your current PC USB, or router RJ45.

Then share the internet connection.

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