Need to Buy A Laptop Any Good deal/recomendations?

  FairyWishes 23:49 12 Jan 2006

Hello all :0)
Having just missed out on an Acer Aspire 1692 for the bargain price of £699 from comet I am now on the look out for a decent laptop and a really good price...
Any recommendations would be fab or if anyone knows of any good deals simular to this spec?

Intel Centerino pentium m.
80-100GB harddrive
15.4 screen
decent graphics card thats not a shared one..
with a good battery life.

I had considered the Gateway MX665b which has the above spec but apprently its not that good where graphics/gamingis concerned..
Although i would not really be using it for games to be honest this is a second spare comp so i'll end up not replacing it for about 5 years so i'd rather have an allrounder that does the job and i am happy with rather then one that irritates me...

Sob sob the Acer aspire 1692 would have been perfect at £699


  rmcqua 09:42 13 Jan 2006

Would one of these fit the bill?
It may not have discrete graphics, but with that amount of RAM, who cares?
I bought a slightly lower spec. maching from this range for my wife a few weeks ago and we are delighted with it quality/value/price.

  Mavericke 09:53 13 Jan 2006

If you can't get hold of an Acer 1692WLMi,try others like Gateway MX6635b which goes out for £699.The only thing about Gateway MX6635b is that it has an integrated garphics for up to 128MB.Good value,I think...

  FairyWishes 11:11 13 Jan 2006


Could you possibly tell me what it was you bought and what it is your recommending :0)
Many Thanks


Hi ya not after seeing you all took your gateway MX6635b back i'm not wanting to buy it now to be honest..
I'm just so annoyed i only saw all of you posts a few days after all stock was sold.. grr its my life story i have the money to spend on a laptop and can't find one :0(

  rmcqua 12:44 13 Jan 2006

Hi FairyWishes,

So sorry, I stupidly managed to omit the link. Here it is:
click here

  Robert H 17:45 18 Jan 2006

As a result of reading the glowing review of the Gateway MX6635b in 'Computer Shopper' I've just phoned my local Staples at High Wycombe and was told that they are no longer selling it. The gentleman I spoke to had no idea why. Has anyone any further info?

  sazzi 18:22 19 Jan 2006

I have just bought a new laptop - and would highly recommend it
Asus A6k
AMD turion64 processor
15.4" widescreen
512mb ram
256mb nvidia geforce6600 turbo cache graphics card (independent)
built in web cam
60 gb hard drive
double layer dvdrw

and these are just the basics and it ROCKS!!!!!
xp now loads in approx 30 secs - with norton and zone alarm running. closes in seconds. it is just superb.

approx £754 incl VAT - got mine from glatiator computers as i wanted to pay cash and they have a facility to deposit cash straight inot their account and excellent customer service.

it is excellent value and i would highly recommend it.

  FairyWishes 18:22 19 Jan 2006

When i asked them last time i phoned they said it was a current line so i don't know why they are changing their tune might be worth trying to phone a different store and see what they say

  sazzi 18:26 19 Jan 2006

re my post above - that would of course be gladiator computers


  Mavericke 09:41 20 Jan 2006

You can still get it in other Staples store. What you need to do is to go to your local Staple store and then ask them to transfer a unit from other stores to your local store. Hope this helps.

  Mavericke 09:44 20 Jan 2006

Why not you just pop into your local Tesco 24 hours store or the biggest Tesco stores in your area? You might be able to find an Acer notebook which is only £598 with almost the same specification of the Gateway MX6335b or the Acer 1692WLMi but cheaper...

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