Need advice on using a Dongle

  GrannyA 07:23 15 Jun 2014

We are holidaying in a friend's house in Spain in September. There is a Router but the owners have the Internet switched off when they're not there and it can't be switched on fir just a few weeks. There is unlikely to be wifi available. Is it possible to buy a Pay as you go dongle for the laptop that will get us online? The friend says another visitor has a 3G dongle and a SIM - I don't understand.

  mole1944 08:03 15 Jun 2014

You could run the internet from your phone it's called tethering but i would be costly,best bet is go to the local internet cafe.

  alanrwood 10:41 15 Jun 2014

Yes you can buy a 3G dongle (eBay) and a Spanish data sim to keep down the costs (Try eBay Spain??. Make sure the dongle is stated to be "Unlocked" or it will only accept a sim from a specific phone provider. Unlocked means it will accept any provider's sim.

What do you want to use the internet for. Don't even think about video or music streaming as that would cost an absolute fortune using 3G. OK for email, browsing etc and the occasional Skype.

Why can't they switch it on for you if you agree to pay the cost for the minimum period. It might work out cheaper. How do they switch it on and off for short periods? Sounds like an excuse to me.

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