Need advice on upgrading a old pc.

  pagans 16:57 27 Apr 2018

Hello all i have a old asus pc thats currently not up to par with todays standards i was wondering which parts were needed or compatible to get it to something that is half decent.Current specs are AMD A6-3620 CPU, 8GB DDR3 RAM,CM1740 MOTHERBOARD FM1 and built in radeon hd 6530d graphics card which is less than optimal for gaming.Which parts are needed that will not bottleneck eachother?

  wee eddie 17:08 27 Apr 2018

What OS was it built for?

  wee eddie 17:10 27 Apr 2018

Basically: If it's over 5 years old. Keep the case. Dump the rest

  wiganken2 17:30 27 Apr 2018

As wee eddie says. The only reason to try and update it is if you actually want to do it as a hobby or project but it will probably not compete performance wise with today's computers especially if it is going to run Windows 10. Also it is probably not economical to upgrade compared with buying new. Buying new is also more future-proof.

  pagans 18:00 27 Apr 2018

Hi thank you all for the advice it was built for windows 7 os which is what it is currently running dont really have the money to go and throw on a £600+ new pc im not really looking for a significant improvement just something better than its current state lol.

  wee eddie 18:09 27 Apr 2018

A new Graphics Card and more RAM would help but don't expect a miracle. You might have to upgrade the Power Supply as well

  pagans 18:17 27 Apr 2018

thanks again for the information mate i think i will just save up and get a new one soon as this is nearly 10+ years old doesn't seem its worth the hassle to upgrade part by part.

  wee eddie 20:01 27 Apr 2018

It's not

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