Need Advice before new PC arrives

  Alistaircant 16:43 22 Nov 2004

I have just ordered a new mesh base unit which I have customised to my specifications and need some answers to some queries I have.
At the moment I have a PC running XP Pro off my c:\ which is 30GB and I also have a good quality 120GB Hard drive(F:\) running as a slave. On the F:\ I have multiple games/programs etc installed along with a lot of my data.
It is the f:\ I want to put in to my new machine when it arrives. And the c:\ I will leave in the old machine for my girlfriend.
My new machine is arriving with XP pro installed and hopefully all ready to go.
But, is it just a matter of putting the f:\ into the new machine; again as a slave? Will this all work correctly? It is mainly the data I am worried about having access to. But, will all the programs I have installed to the f:\ still work or is it just better to delete the program files folder on the f:\ and install all the programs again.
Another issue I am worried about is SP2 I am not sure if it comes supplied or not but I am not running it at the moment. I have a Logitech DiNovo Bluetooth set and I have heard a few issues with Bluetooth and SP2. Do you think this will affect me?

Any advice will be fantastic really looking forward to the new machine and want a smooth transition.


  PsiFox 16:53 22 Nov 2004

Simply put no.

When you instsall a program to F there are still files/dll's written to the C drive.

You will need to copy saved files/data then reinstall the programs on the new machine.

Depending on your setup you may also have to take control of the drive in the new machine and change security options for users in order to see the files.


  TomJerry 16:58 22 Nov 2004

If you do, PC Relocator Ultra Control will do all donkey work for you, i.e. transfer all programs and settings from old to new, product spec: click here.

Highly recommended by Computer Shopper current issue, cannot remember uk distributor site.

  ventanas 17:02 22 Nov 2004

Agree with PsiFox. The registry entries for the programs on F will be missing, as well as the other files mentioned. You will need to get rid and start again.
The data files should be ok though.

As for SP2, any new machine ordered now should come with it installed.

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