Need advice burning audio

  frenchman96 16:40 26 Nov 2011

I have done this many times before, but brain has seized up so need advoce please.

I have a shop bought audio cd, and wish to make a copy for my son, so he can play it in his music centre/cd player.

I have ripped it to WMP 1, burnt it to a cd-r and I think I configured it to save as a WMA, but it wont play in our radio/cd player.

I also have Nero Express, so I now need some simple advice please.

On another matter, I c/on "ask a question" type heading/message in white window, see copy in blue window, c/on "click here to publish message" but cannot see it in posts column???

  rdave13 17:04 26 Nov 2011

Have you done it before to the radio/cd player? It might not support CD-Rs.

  frenchman96 18:09 26 Nov 2011


Sure there must be a way to burn a cd to the same format that a shop bought cd is??

Only bought the radio/cd player today, and it plays shop bought cd's??

  rdave13 18:15 26 Nov 2011

Have a look at the manual and see what media it supports.

  eedcam 19:09 26 Nov 2011

Hi first when you RIp you should click the little arrow uner Rip and from format choose either WMA lossless or better still .WAV vou dont burn as WMA you burn as CD audio under the Burn Button in Media player click the little arrow and choose Audio CD then Burn

  lotvic 19:35 26 Nov 2011

No need to rip to WMP. Just copy the cd in nero express

using nero express to copy cd or dvds ClickHere YouTube Tutorial (a bit naff but shows you how)

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