Need advice on backup solution for network.

  guy3744 00:46 29 Oct 2013

Our home network is becoming more complex, and I a looking for advice about creating a backup solution. The desktop PC runs Windows 7 - it has 3 x 1TB hard drives (C: = OS, general household stuff and and my work data, F: = photos; G: = music, iTunes etc). There is also an external 5TB hard drive and each week Paragon Backup software does an incremental backup of those 3 drives and every month creates a new image of all 3 (that takes a long time - sometimes 24 hrs now). But it is all working fine and I have a good automated backup system working.

I also have a laptop (which I use for work) and use dropbox for moving work stuff between PC and laptop. The laptop gets backed up occasionally to a small ext hard drive.

My wife and daughter have purchased Macs. My wife works with photographs (hers and her clients - and the amount of data on mac growing fast) my daughter is at college. At the moment I am backing them both up separately to another external hard drive, but will soon need another drive to back-up to as the one I am using is now not large enough. I know that they are cheap as chips now, but i'm sure there is an integrated solution.

Ideally I would want to get the whole lot networked together (that's the first issue as I cannot seem to get the PC to see and read/write to the macs consistently and vice-versa) and want to try to automate the whole back-up process so it becomes as easy as the desktop is now.

I'll spend a bit of money on decent software (or hardware) if necessary, but want to develop an idiot proof system, now that there are 2 businesses and a years worth of uni work being held across 4 devices.

Cheers - thanks in advance for any advice!

  guy3744 00:43 30 Oct 2013

Thanks, I did think about the cloud, but data allowances, bandwidth and speed are an issue here (we're in Australia), so I think a local solution is the best option.

  LastChip 12:22 30 Oct 2013

Try a search for a NAS (network attached storage) solution.

With the amount of data you now have (which is likely to grow), you probably need a local NAS server and integrated automatic incremental backup. For a higher safety level, you probably won't get away without an UPS (uninterruptible power supply) either - APC are very good and integrate with Linux as well as Windows.

It may well be Linux based, but that's not a problem as both Windows and MAC's can connect.

  guy3744 09:43 21 Nov 2013

Thanks LastChip. We now have a NAS drive and it his is working really well. I didn't know about this before so appreciate your help. Cheers, guy

  LastChip 12:55 21 Nov 2013

Glad to be of help.

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