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Need a A5 Double sided printer

  Ex plorer 17:52 15 Oct 2018

Hi I am looking for a printer that can do double sided printing on A5 paper.

My old Epson XP-610 can print double sided A4 but not A5 unless I turn the page over manually. with nearly 900 pages I don't want to go down that road.

So, a A4 printer that will do A5 double sided, or a stand alone A5 double sided printer. Mono only is fine.

Anyone point me in the right direction around the £100 mark. OS Windows 10

  hastelloy 15:27 16 Oct 2018


I understand what you mean but does that also mean that page 900 will be next to page 1 and back onto page 899 which is next to page 2 and so on?

  Pine Man 15:46 16 Oct 2018

Without labouring the point too much, when you cut the sheets after you have printed them you have to be sure you put them together in the correct order, particularly when you have hundreds to deal with. More handling is needed with the possibility of error. Cut beforehand they will all be printed in the correct order with no handling involved.

Just my views;-)

  compumac 16:44 16 Oct 2018


In essence yes.

Say you print pages 1-8,

Then on the first sheet of A4 paper, SIDE 1 of the A4 would be showing pages 1 and 8 in A5 form. On the reverse of the first sheet of A4 paper pages 2 and 8 would display in A5 form.

I have printed many, many A5 documents this was upto perhaps 200 pages (not as high as 900).

When they come off the printer I cut them into two, laying them down in two piles numerically, with the odd numbers facing upwards and when all are printed reverse the one pile onto the other so that they follow on numerically as required.

I print of a number of pages divided by 4 so that - print pages 1-48, then pages 49- 96 and so on. I only do that because on one occasion I ran out of ink mid stream followed by a paper jam, so it is safer to print a batch of pages at a time.

I hope that this makes sense.

I do this on a regular basis so know it works.

  Pine Man 18:04 16 Oct 2018

Ah well - someone has to have the last word..........

  Forum Editor 18:08 16 Oct 2018

If you are only planning a single print run it would make far better sense to take your file to someone like Rymans, and have them print, collate, and bind the document for you. They'll make a professional job of it, and you'll save a good deal of time and money.

I prepare lots of reports, and although none of them are anywhere near 900 pages 50 pages is fairly common. I wouldn't dream of printing them myself - I just get Rymans to do it - laser printed and bound they look very professional.

  compumac 18:13 16 Oct 2018

Pine Man

Amen to that.

  Ex plorer 13:10 17 Oct 2018

Hi, thanks for the replies and advice, Looked at a canon TS-8150 price wise was withing my budget but... the ink price wasn't wow even for compatibles, more than double my Epson printer.

Its a novel that i am printing off and i really want to do it all printing including binding.

Sill Looking for a duplex A5 printer, a mono one would do, so on with the search. I don't mind cutting the A5 from A4 as i have a guillotine.

  Ex plorer 19:03 20 Oct 2018

I wrote my book in Portrait mode. My work round, is using an A4 printer that can duplex A4 paper. (Double sided printer) In printer settings Set the Paper to landscape. Set the left margin to 10cm and right at 6cm. Hit print. You will get roughly a A5 print out back to back on A4 paper in approximately the center of the page in Landscape.

Odd thing is the un-printed margins 6cm on the left and just over 8cm on the right. so you will have to cut off unwanted paper, one thing you can at least choose the amount of margin on the binding side.

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