NEC ND2500A (DVD) problems - help needed a.s.a.p.

  sacza 11:50 03 Aug 2004

Have scanned the recent threads and postings on this, but nothing quite hits the nail on the head. Sorry if this question won’t necessarily task the great and the good. System:- Asus A7V Mobo, AMD Athlon 800, 384Mb PC133, Windows 98 SE (4.10.2222A). Problem:- Installed a new NEC ND2500A DVD drive as secondary slave to an ASUS CD5400 on secondary master (only because the functioning ACER CD-RW drive I removed had jumpers set this way). The new NEC DVD plays music CDs OK but retains the track list even when inserting a data CD or refreshing the drive with no disk in. The drive will not read data DVDs or data CDs at all, and it takes about 20 minutes to read the drive to get to the point of saying 0 bytes. The same disk reads perfectly on another DVD drive. However, it will launch a PC Advisor cover disk!! – so something must be working, however, it wouldn’t read the cover disk after the audio CD had been playing, it still retains the track list in Explorer and MS DOS! I have had to hit the reset button a few times since installing the new DVD drive and the system seems to have slowed down.

I often have trouble with Windows not being able to access either of my original CD drives and after initial installation the same was true of the DVD drive. Both current drives are showing in Explorer and in Device Manager. Properties for the NEC ND2500A tell me that it is using a Microsoft driver 4-23-1999 and Target ID=1. Logical Unit Nº=0. DMA is not checked. Firmware Rev=1.06. Drive letter is correctly assigned, but start and end drive letters are blank. The ASUS drive properties are Microsoft driver 4-23-1999. Target ID=0. Logical Unit Nº=0. DMA is not checked. Firmware Rev=1.10. Drive letter is correctly assigned, and start and end drive letters show the same (correct) drive letter.

I wasn’t sure if DMA should be checked (have read postings from 13 July about this – g0nvs & paperman27). I have 2 x Maxtor HDDs as primary master and slave and DMA is not checked on either of these. I don't think I have 80pin cables for UDMA access.

Thanks for any help offered.

The next question is really a DVD newbie question. Do I need special software to play DVD movies? If so, what would you recommend and how much should I pay?

  Stuartli 13:00 03 Aug 2004

The rewriter should be the Master and the CD drive the Slave. DMA should be enabled for both.

The only drivers that are required are the basic Windows CDROM driver - using the drive is done through Nero or similar.

Assign the correct Master and Slave jumpering to the drives and then, via Device Manager, remove each in turn and let Windows Add New Hardware and install its driver.

My Pioneer DVD-ROM drive and TDK rewriter are both correctly assinged and work as they should - however, for some reason known only to itself, Windows XP Pro (and Windows Media Player9 for that matter) often use them in reverse.

If I click on C drive to eject a disk the rewriter draw opens - if I click on the E drive to do the same, the DVD-ROM drive's drawer cruises open.

Yet it all works as it should when burning using Nero and when playing audio CDs, DVDs etc.

Re DVD movies. Cyberlink's PowerDVD, now in its fifth version, is probably the most popular. If you go for it there's a patch update for it at Cyberlink's website (also for versions 3 and 4).

  sacza 17:11 03 Aug 2004

I've closely followed your advice and still have problems (although my basic ASUS CD-R is reading some data disks now). Interestingly, the same thing happened as with your drives, Nero has them reversed! I tried to create a Multisession CD-R and got all the messages etc saying it was done, but there was nothing on the drive when I loaded it in another CD drive. Then I tried copying a CD using the new NEC DVD and Nero started burning straight away with the original disk still in the drawer!!! Then I got a 'successful burn' message! Any ideas? I don't think I can face the hassle of sending the drive back for replacement. The only thing that didn't happen as expected as there was no 'Found New Hardware' Message, although Win 98 did re-assign new drive letters for slave and master (now reversed as instructed). Do I need to do any speed setting in Nero? I never did this with my original CD-RW. Sorry to be a pain.

  Stuartli 17:27 03 Aug 2004

No, Nero gets it right...:-)

Nero actually controls the operation of the drive(s) whilst you are burning.

Yes, set the speed to one less than the drive is capable - 24x instead of 32x or 32x instead of 48x. No point in using a drive flat out as they are not the most robust of computer components.

That's why it's best to use a ROM drive to listen to audio, install software etc and just use a rewriter for burning.

Read the Nero help file - it's easily downloaded in PDF form and is very comprehensive.

  Stuartli 17:43 03 Aug 2004

Because Nero controls the drives, ahead recommends that AutoPlay be disabled.

  sacza 13:19 04 Aug 2004

Many thanks. I have reinstalled Nero and things are no better. I am using my original version V5.5.3.2 with InCD V2.27. Must there be a conflict somewhere preventing access from Windows to the new NEC drive? If I insert a CD-R disk that I know contains data, Windows displays 0 Bytes, Disk Free Space 648 Mb. If I insert a new CD-RW I expect InCD to launch and ask me to format it...but nowt happens! Windows also displays 0 Bytes, Disk Free Space 648 Mb on the unformatted disk!!

As for Nero again, I will download the help files as you suggest. Do I need V.6+ to use a DVD RW? In my older version some options (like Multisession) are greyed now greyed out. I think I need an idiots guide to DVD! I built the PC myself and the original CD-RW install was a breeze.

If you're getting a bit tired of this thread I'll gladly launch another to give you a break!

  Stuartli 14:31 04 Aug 2004

It looks as though you need the final version of Nero 5.5 or, even better, version 6.

Go to ahead's website and the Previous Versions link to find the final download - think it was I have 5.5.1045 as I thought then it would be the last but ahead, to its credit, continued to update the program even after version 6 came out.

Your version would have been issued long before your DVD rewriter was launched.

You can also check whether it is, in fact, supported whilst on the ahead website.

  sacza 16:59 04 Aug 2004

Thanks again Stuartli, I am inclined to solve the issue about Windows not reading the drive(s) and then move onto a Nero fix. I mainly want to use the DVD drive to read business data DVDs sent to me, with the option to burn DVDs later. I am not about to copy many DVDs, so InCD is important so I can use DVDs like a floppy disk before I upgrade to V6.+ Nero. Pity the demo of Nero V6 is not available to download..the site just says 'coming soon'. I'll have a look at the stuff you suggest on Previouws Versions link.

Thanks again for being a great help. If you do think of a possible Windows fix I'd be grateful.

  keith-236785 17:21 04 Aug 2004


could you open your case again and set the jumpers on your cd's to CS (cable select)

then try again

might just sort the problem out.

good luck

  Stuartli 17:57 04 Aug 2004

Cable Select requires both the proper cables and a motherboard that supports the feature.


Might be worth checking that there are no appropriate updates/patches for Windows 98SE that may help to solve the problem (click here).

Similar problem experience (not done a full check yet):

click here

  sacza 20:30 04 Aug 2004

Hi Staurtli

Thanks again. I did an update from Windows a couple of days ago, so I hope I have everything. I checked CD freaks earlier and spotted something about Ultra DMA cables. I wonder if I should try using one of the ATA 100 IDE connectors on my mobo. I never had anything above 33 before so I never used the blue connector. I'm a bit confused about 80 pin cables being mentioned on CD Freaks. If there are 80 pins, how do they fit into mobo IDE connectors with only 40 pins? I guess these folks mean 40-pin/80 conductor. I'll buy one tomorrow and see if that makes it work in Win98. I respect paperman27's advice from previous threads and feel tempted to try cable select but I am out of my depth. I noticed that none of my HDDs are set to DMA in Win98. Is that likely to be an issue?

So many things to try!

Thanks again. I'll report back in due course with details of progress. I may post to CD freaks to see if anyone has any bright ideas but I need to finish reading the NEC ND-2500A FAQs first!!

Catch u guys later

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