NEC DVD writer/Nero 6/Win 98 problems

  RGuin 12:21 26 Apr 2004

Since adding the NEC to my HP Pavilion, I needed a DVD burner program. I added Nero 6, and found the installation ended with an error. Restarting Win98 also ended with "Windows protection error".
Repeatd uninstalling and reintsalling of Nero and of Win 98 has not helped. Reinstalling Win 98 led to scandisk reporting many file errors on D drive, and "fixing" them led to losing most of my video files. I can only boot Win 98 with the NEC disconnected, otherwise I get "Windows protection effor".
Is this possibly a conflict with the orginal Adaptec CD writer driver?? (I did not want to remove this)

  pj123 13:00 26 Apr 2004

Quite possibly. Nero does not like being on the same system as Adaptec (now Roxio) easycd. Also it is possible that the Adaptec version is not capable of burning to DVD. You have 2 options, take Adaptec off and run Nero only or take Nero off and get the latest version of Roxio easycd.

  RGuin 21:53 26 Apr 2004

Thanks for the comment. I must say that the guy at PC World says he has both Roxio and Nero on his home system, and suggests that myabe my 4yr old PC is too old to run a DVD writer.

Originally, the machine booted with the DVD in place, and would read from it. Since the abortive attempts to install Nero, and then reinstall Win 98 several times, it will no longer boot Win 98 with the DVD in place, although the bios detects it.

I thought of getting the current Roxio, but it looks like I now have a more drastic problem.

  Valvegrid 22:11 26 Apr 2004

That's interesting, my son bought home an HP Pavilion, which I'm using at the moment on Win 98SE. I installed a new Sony CD R/RW, we tried to use Nero 6 and it wouldn't work at all. We ended up using B's Recorder GOLD 5 that came with the CD drive and it worked a treat. Do you have a burner that came with the DVD you could try?

  RGuin 08:14 27 Apr 2004

Yes that is interesting. There isn't really enough room to relate the full history here, but I bought the NEC 2500 DVD via eBay, from a wholesaler, and it had no box and no software. I really shot myself in the foot here. I previously had Nero 5.5, and tried the PC Advisor cover disk version of Nero 6. When this failed, I (foolishly?) bought the full version from PC World. I've since had a refund, but in the meantime trying to reload Win 98, scandisk has corrupted most of my data across 2 hard drives.

I'm about to move what's intact to somewhere else, and re-format one of the drives to do a clean re-intall. I did think I'd caught my Doom, but 2 antiviruses say it's clean.

I undertand the NEC retail pack includes Nero 6!!

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