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  Giggle n' Bits 01:29 20 Oct 2006

ok, using netgear DG834PN I have sucessfully created a working connection and using it this mo to type here.


2 concerns, using the Netgear software to TEST just seems to refresh the page and not give any test result, so would any other Users of a Netgear Wireless DG834PN pleas help.

Finally, how do I know my connection is fairly secure. I set a key using WPA-PSK fine, just need to know here how I know its secure please. When I say secure. Would i be able to tell if port 2 was flashing on the router maybe HELP Panic Atack comming.

  Ashrich 23:15 20 Oct 2006

I don't have this Router so I don't know what port 2 is connected to , but , if you're usin WPA-PSK you'll be quite secure from outside attacks , virtually impossible for the man on the street to break , now a dertimined professional hacker , well , thats another story ...just make sure that you have Anti Virus and Anti Spyware software installed and up to date , and although the router has an SPI firewall , a software one wouldn't go amiss .


  Giggle n' Bits 12:55 21 Oct 2006

the Wireless WPN111 working with the Router upstairs.

The Wireless WPN USB Adapter can see the network connection on Channel 11 but won't hold it and keeps scanning round the other channels.

So help please cos is driving me mad. What have I done wrong as I carn't seem to hold the channel. Signal strength is good if this helps.

  Ashrich 19:02 21 Oct 2006

Try disabling the Netgear software and use Window wireless zero to control the USB adapter , or simply open " Network Connections " find your WPN111 , right click on it and come down to " Properties " click on the " Wireless Networks " tab , and tick the box saying " Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings " . I did this with my WG111 when I used it and it was much better , the Netgear software was rubbish and , like yours , wandered all the time . Also , make sure it is in a USB 2.0 slot , and try accessing the router setup and making sure that it is set for 54g only , if it lists a " turbo " type mode ( 108mbs ) tick that as well .One other thought , you could always track down an Atheros AR5005ug chipset driver and uninstall all the Netgear stuff and just use the new driver with Windows wireless zero .

Hope something here helps , Ashley

  Ashrich 19:22 21 Oct 2006

If you want to try the Atheros driver on it's own and have trouble finding one you can PM me from the little yellow envelope and I could email it over to you , mind you it is a 8.55 mb zip file .


  Giggle n' Bits 21:00 21 Oct 2006

Yes your info was helpful. i earlier called Netgear and they got me to change from WPA/PSK to WEP, then they got me to change the Channel to 1 and my SIID change to something as a name.

I am concerned that WEP is not very secure now could someone give me a straight answer if it is or not please.

  Giggle n' Bits 21:05 21 Oct 2006

wirless connection is secure, maybe something to test it ?

  Tugwilson 23:01 21 Oct 2006

WEP is very easy to crack.I wouldnt use it if i had a choise.WPA/PSK is your best bet.

  Giggle n' Bits 23:15 21 Oct 2006

why carn't I set up WPA/PSK. Netgear support got me using WEP and I was very concerned.

So going back to my original question please help if you can what can I do to make WPA/PSK Work ?

  Ashrich 00:09 22 Oct 2006

If you are using Windows XP without Service pack 2 you will need to download the WPA patch for it or install Service pack 2 which includes it . WPA is driver compliant as well as hardware , your WPN111 can use WPA , make sure the drivers can as well , and for a good connection between USB dongle and router re. my last post , enable the 108mb/sec mode and select channel 6 ( I think 6 is the default channel for 108 ) Good idea to change the SSID from just Netgear , but don't bother hiding , it can cause connection problems .Another thought , WPA uses a bit more resources the WEP , so it can sometimes reduce the distance for a successful network between the two . Unless you have hacking skills it can be hard to test WPA security , which is good in itself , try downloading a program like Netstumbler to see what information your network is displaying

Ashley .

  Ashrich 00:12 22 Oct 2006

Sorry , that should say " is driver dependant as well as hardware "

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