nearly overclocked to 3.4Ghz....

  toon_mad 02:36 14 Nov 2008

Ok, so i flashed my bios (p5n-e sli) to the latest revision, and im managing to actually overclock the q6600. Before i was lucky to get anything, but after the update, im getting 3.2Ghz easy (played colin mcrae dirt easy for 1 hour), and im currently on now at 3.4Ghz! Although im not sure what to make of the stability:

vcore 1.5v
mem auto
nbcore 1.56v
offset +100mv
fsb 378/667mhz unlinked
all memory timings at auto

Currently i have had no system errors inside windows itself, the only problems i seem to have is if i restart the pc, it wont boot, i have to click the reset button (but then it boots ok with the overclock still).
Also in everest and core temp, it doesnt even read the actual overclock settings, they are reading the stock 2.4Ghz (but in the bios it clearly is 3.4Ghz)

Is there a reason why it isnt detecting, and why do i need to reset twice every time to get into windows?

Oh, and it definately is overclocked, i played colin mcrae dirt on ultra high, not a single jigger, unlike at stock 2.4Ghz

Many thanks again

  toon_mad 02:37 14 Nov 2008

vcore is 1.37v actually, not 1.5v!

  toon_mad 10:52 14 Nov 2008

is there a way i can run a test to measure cpu times for runningsay a task, i need to know this is inface booted at 3.6Ghz as we speek. I had to raise me vcore a further 1.39v so hopefully this is safe enough

  I am Spartacus 12:15 14 Nov 2008

Use CPU-Z to tell you your clock speeds click here

You may need to disable C1E Support in the BIOS so that 'throttling' doesn't kick in.

  toon_mad 13:41 14 Nov 2008


Do you know how i can get the optimal memory timings for my memory? Ive looked but cant find out how, i heard you can use nTune, but then i also heard that is not safe.

  I am Spartacus 13:53 14 Nov 2008

Click on the SPD tab in CPU-Z

  toon_mad 13:57 14 Nov 2008

Anything past 3Ghz and at post the memory goes from 667Mhz to 800Mhz but says the overclocked speed correctly, yet cpu-z reports 2400.1Mhz?

Does it mean it hasnt booted with the overclock, or it has but isnt reading it?

  I am Spartacus 14:02 14 Nov 2008

Not booted with the overclock, it's probably failing on boot and going back to default settings. You still need to unlink the RAM settings.

  I am Spartacus 14:08 14 Nov 2008

Look in the Boot section of the BIOS and enable 'Wait for 'F1' on error' or 'Halt on Error' or similar.

  toon_mad 14:08 14 Nov 2008

its unlinked at 667Mhz

3Ghz is easy now after the bios update, as you said previously before it should be easy.

Its going to take some more effort, slowly increasing the fsb i think, see how far it will go.


  I am Spartacus 16:02 14 Nov 2008

I've just noticed that you have your RAM voltage on Auto. Set it manually to whatever is printed on the labels as Asus motherboards seem to undervolt the RAM if it needs over 2v.

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