NAV pop up appearing to remind me of subscription

  heribierto 21:18 16 Oct 2003

whenever I log on I get a pop up message from NAV subscription reminder. If I want to renew, I will do so but the reminder is a bit tedious.
Any suggestions how to get rid of the pop up reminder

  aj 21:22 16 Oct 2003

If youv're running a firewall try blocking ports 135 137 & 139

  06keldt 21:23 16 Oct 2003

Simple, just resubscribe, there is no other way.
Unless you can view the source of NAV. (That is ILLEGAL by the way under copywright Laws)

  fred 21:23 16 Oct 2003

Uninstall NAV and install AVG. :-;

  06keldt 21:25 16 Oct 2003

That is a good idea fred.
Use Avg
click here

  Mike 21:43 16 Oct 2003

"Any suggestions how to get rid of the pop up reminder"

Format your hard drive and reinstall every thing.

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