Bonzy 09:04 10 Mar 2005

Hello good friends. I need to install NAV on a pc. However, my supplier only has the OEM version which they say is a cd in a sleeve......whatever that means! What I know is the NAV cd in a box with a bold writing NORTON ANTIVRUS 200....which I know is the retail version. What's the main difference between these 2 versions - OEM and Retail version? Is it okay for me to go ahead and buy the OEM version from my supplier? Thanx in advance.

  FelixTCat 09:23 10 Mar 2005

The OEM version is sent to system builders in bulk for them to put onto newly built systems. They wouldn't come in boxes.

The only issue I would check would be the length of time for free updates. The retail version is 12 months; the OEM may be different.

  450223 09:35 10 Mar 2005

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  Bonzy 15:36 10 Mar 2005

Thanx, FelixTCat. Should I take it that the free update issue is the only difference between the two? The Win98SE pc that I need to install the NAV in is not connected to the internet; it's a real standalone! Because of this, NAV updates free or not wouldn't really make a difference. When system builders install the OEM version onto their newly built systems what is done next to keep up to date? Are there any NAV updates available on cd or floppies to buy from the shops or distributers? Thanx again.

  PsiFox 15:45 10 Mar 2005

The OEM updates from the net just like the full retail.

It comes with a 1 year licence just likethe retail.

As said before the OEM is for builders who supply it pre installed on a system. If you have bought a PC already you should purchase the retail not OEM to be legal.

Whichever version is bought it will require Registration within 15 days iirc. It will not be up to date until connected to the Internet.


  Confab 15:52 10 Mar 2005

Putting aa AV on a standalone PC would be pointless. AV's must be updated to be of use. If you're worried about viruses then check any CD's or floppies you want to use on your standalone PC through a PC that has an up to date AV installed.

  FelixTCat 16:21 10 Mar 2005

If you never, ever, transfer programs or documents to that pc by floppy disk or CD then Confab is correct; you will never introduce a virus, so you don't need an anti-virus program.

However, if you ever transfer documents, load programs or other information from floppy disks or CDs then you do need an anti-virus program. However, one of the free ones would probably be as good because the risk to you is very low.

If you have a friend who is on the internet, the Norton upgrades can be downloaded and used to upgrade your machine without needing an update licence. That is probably true for the free anti-virus programs too.

  FelixTCat 16:22 10 Mar 2005

PS Silly me! You are posting here, so you obviously have some access to the internet!

  Confab 16:45 10 Mar 2005

Floppies, CD's etc can be scanned on any PC that has an up to date AV. Media scanning doesn't need to be done on the standalone PC at all. So no need for an AV

  FelixTCat 16:50 10 Mar 2005

Ah, conundrum. Friend sends floppy through post, or hands it over at work, pub or computer club. If you have a computer with up-to-date AV, you have a net connection, or you are doing what we have all suggested above. But if all you have is a single, unconnected pc with no internet access . . . .

  Bonzy 09:33 11 Mar 2005

The pc was bought 2 years ago already built but without any software at all. The opening screen reads something like V Class...............
I installed Win98SE and MS Office 2000. The only AV software available was NAV 2002 on cd, so I installed it too. That pc is used to prepare documents only so it's cool. However, it keeps giving reminder messages for renewal etc, which is a real pain in the neck! I'm thinking that maybe if I replace it with NAV 2005, I'll be better off. So I went to some suppliers of NAV software to buy one, but they only have the OEM version, they told me. They tried to convince me that it does the same thing as the Retail version, but I didn't believe them. That's why I've turned to you for advice.
I access the internet using a pc on a company network and that's what I'm posting to you on now. Maybe I can install the OEM version on that standalone pc and then keep updating it using NAV updates downloaded from the company pc I'm using now. What do you think? Sometimes documents and programs are copied from floppies and cds onto that standalone pc at home.
What's your expert advice, friends? Thanx

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