NAV not enabled at bootup.

  Meshuga 15:07 20 Feb 2006

Whenever I boot up the NAV icon appears in the task bar by the clock but shows as disabled with a red X on it until all the other startup icons have appeared, incuding the 2 little television screens showing I am connected. Only then does the nav icon show as Enabled. I am concerned that while this is happening that I may be open to infection until it is enabled. How can I ensure that nav is enabled as soon as the icon appears, or am I worrying unduly. This does not happen on my other PC. My os is xphome sp2 and on broadband. I have looked for any means of configuring it but cannot find any.

  BurrWalnut 15:24 20 Feb 2006

AV programs are amongst the first to be loaded so you have nothing to worry about.

The icons in the system tray are the 'user' functions of particular programs and are not needed until after all the essential services and programs are loaded/running.

  sunny staines 15:39 20 Feb 2006

agee with burrwalnut

  Meshuga 17:10 20 Feb 2006

Many thanks BurrWalnut and sunny staines, I`ll stop worrying.

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