nav buttons moving

  hooligan 11:21 30 Sep 2004

i get the buttons moving across on the nav bit, but someone said its due to frames, i have never changed it, not that i no about anyway, i dont no what frames are really.
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  Taran 17:37 30 Sep 2004

You have different layout schemes applied to the pages which is making them inconsistent.

Your home page has a layout called SpringtasksLayout with these dimensions: 586, 748.

Your Planting Ideas page, for the sake of example, has a differnt layout called HomeLayout applied to it, which has these dimensions: 591, 735.

Your Master Border settings are the same, so on first glance I'd say you need to apply the same layout to each page rather than use a different layout for alternate pages.

Either use the SpringtasksLayout or the HomeLayout and this will apply the same dimesions and position to your left border and link bar.

  hooligan 20:59 30 Sep 2004

I never knew i had done that, i thought it was all the same, iam out of prastice with it. so i will have a look, but not sure what to do.

cheers taran

  hooligan 13:55 01 Oct 2004

But dont know what to do ? as i dont know how i mixed them up. Ive not used it for months only to upload some pics.

  Taran 16:27 01 Oct 2004

Look down near the bottom left of the NetObjects window.

You'll probably see the words Home Layout with a small drop down arrow to the right, next to a few icons.

Click the drop down arrow where you see Home Layout and select from the list of layouts the one you want to apply to the page.

Save and re-publish.

If you have only one layout listed then we can address that later but, for now, try the above.


  hooligan 17:20 01 Oct 2004

there is a few on the home page one is home page1 if i click that it turns to a blank page, the others all have there own names, ie services = services.

cheers T

  hooligan 21:58 01 Oct 2004

Its still the same, i dont get what to do. home layout is just in the home page,Not in ther others they have the title of the page and add, if i press that it goes blank.

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