NAV 2003 and Win XP Pro

  ianeon 19:22 05 Apr 2003

I run windows XP Pro.
I have just installed NAV2003
Five hours later the initial scan is still running - It slowed down when it got to my Java 1.4 files.
Anything else I do with my computer is very slow.
Has anyone had this problem ?
Should I go back to AVG ?
I need Java to run my internet banking.
I have looked for info on PCAdvisor and Norton help.
Thank you for your time - Ian

  AndySD 19:51 05 Apr 2003

The first scan is always a little long ...but 5 hours is excessive. Where you using the pc during the scan...also did you empty the Temp Internet Files B4 you started it as this can sloooow the scan down.

Also did you update B4 you started the scan...and what is your processor speed, RAM and Hard Drive Size.

  ianeon 20:32 05 Apr 2003

Yes - I was using PC during scan but stopped.
No - I didn't empty the Temp file
40gb - 512ddr - athalon 2000
Thanks for the interest

  AndySD 20:46 05 Apr 2003

Ok well Go Tools at the top of the page and choose Internet Options and Delete the Temp Internet files.

Using the pc during a scan slows it to a crawl.

You may want to stop some windows services running to speed it (and the PC) up.

You can get to these by giong Start/Control Panel and its Administrator Tools ... open Services.

There is a list of what you need running click here and also click here but I cant seem to get to the second link at the moment.

  ianeon 20:57 05 Apr 2003

Thank you for your time - I shall try these and re-scan.

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