"Naturally Speaking" ...different file version

  df118 11:28 08 Mar 2004

when I try to open "Natually Speaking" on my computer I get the message soemthing like I have C:\windows\System\riched20.dll version 5.3011.2410, and naturally speaking needs version . this programme WAS running quite happily until my recent messup; I have put in the original CD and done a repair job with a partial reinstall of the programme when I tried to restart the programme after the computer finally decided to allow the programme to reapear, but now I am stuck with this problem...any offers?????
am running windows98

  MichelleC 13:10 08 Mar 2004

I should sort out your sfc and registry 1st, then worry about prog files.

  df118 15:27 08 Mar 2004

still begs the question as to how to solve the Naturally Speaking problem.....unless it has to be reinstalled, or has been affected by a bug on the system as hav yet to get the courage to load nd run the bug programme.....

Not seen any other problems that you may have yet, but MichelleC offers good advice - sort out any other problems you have with the registry first.

Then, why not export all user files from Dragon and then uninstall the entire program, reinstalling afterwards?

  df118 09:57 09 Mar 2004

"then why not export all user files from Dragon and then...."....how please...... and where do I put them, and how do I get them back from whense they go?????what do you mean BY " user files"????

Open Dragon then on the Dragon bar go to "Naturally Speaking" then "manage users" and "Advanced" then "Export" and follow the instructions.

Importing is the reverse and simply save the files on say the desktop for easy access.

  df118 11:42 09 Mar 2004

It wont even OPEN at the moment....see first entry.......

  df118 09:43 11 Mar 2004

this programm STILL refuses to open( see original entry); ???what " shared files" might it have if I uninstall it and reinstall it, BUT, bearing in mind I cannot even OPEN it, how do I find that out?????? (again, see original entry....)

  Stuartli 11:29 11 Mar 2004

Your memory must be on the blink - you posted to this one yesterday at 2-08 pm...:-))

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  df118 11:41 11 Mar 2004

constructive comments and help on how I can get the programme to open please, if indeed it CAN BE opened ( see original entry);.........

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 12:16 11 Mar 2004


I would post your question here

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Loads of experts just on this subject.I find it good
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