Native Resolution TFT

  Tick Tock 1 17:15 16 Feb 2006

Just got new monitor 1280x1024 resolution what determins if you can use this setting,i am using 1024x768 for general use and its perfect for me but have tried the 1280x1024 setting and everything becomes to tiny.

  Fingees 17:24 16 Feb 2006

Basically you can use any setting your monitor will accept, and video board of course.

It's just tha tthe optimum is obviously 1280x1024, which is high definition.

If you don't like that resolution use another.

Some people don't like anything above 800 x 600 because of size, but at low setting, resolution is not quite so good.

  SG Atlantis® 17:30 16 Feb 2006

the native resolution corresponds to how many physical pixels there are on the screen, the screen is designed to be best run at that resolution.

I used to use 1024 by 768 on my old 17 inch panel. Since I got the 19 inch I have become used to the 1280 by 1024 native.

  Tick Tock 1 21:03 16 Feb 2006

So does the graphics card play a part because mine is a 19 inch monitor and when set at 1280x1024 text, icons, etc become tiny to look at.

  SG Atlantis® 22:27 16 Feb 2006

not so much now, most cards are very capable of these resolutions. Big monitors like 24inches and stuff you need to choose a good high end card for 1600 by 1200 etc.

When I first started using the native 1280by1024 it looked very tiny but now it's normal to me.

  BigRik 23:20 16 Feb 2006

SG Atlantis® hits the mark quite nicely I think. As your changing resolutions, it will look smaller, and it is. You will get used to it though if you change. I went from 1152x864 on my old monitor to my current 1280x1024 and even that I found was a noticable difference.

  007al 00:18 17 Feb 2006

I have a 19" widescreen,with resolution of 1440x900,which gives the same size icon and text as 1280x1024 on normal screen.It just feels right to me.It makes scrolling long pages easier.Obviously,eyesight plays a part with small text,but its worth seeing if you can get used to it.
Many people i know and help with their pc`s have 800x600 and didnt know they could change it.It feels like im looking at lego land when i work with a monitor at those resolutions.
If i change it,they moan that they cant see anything properly.These are people with good eyesight.A fair few that ive asked to keep the settings to see if they adapt,have kept it,and agreed that it makes things easier.
You could also have higher resolutions,but change the font size to make for easier reading

  Tick Tock 1 12:07 17 Feb 2006

Still looks far to tiny on 1280x1024 how can i increase text size i will need a magnifiying glass on native resolution.

  007al 17:29 17 Feb 2006

Right click desktop-Properties-Appearance,then change font size to large or extra large

  Tick Tock 1 20:50 19 Feb 2006

Thanks for the tips giving it a week to see if i can get used to it.

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