NAT DHCP PORT ISP (odd problems)

  m.pour2000 20:06 26 Dec 2013

hi. recently i got a lot of errors in my Computer. and i'm sure it's about Network stuff. here is my problems:

1- my laptop can't connect to ANY Vpn Network. this happens in my Laptop and my Ipod. i get connected but there is no internet access. (e.g. i can ping but can't go anywhere)

2- I can't use any HOTSPOT app. i use Connectify Hotspot app( and VirtualRouter ( in windows and HOTSPOT (network-manager) in Debian. error is; i can't access network again. ipod get ip 169.254.x.x. everytime.

3- I can't Update my windows. i get error 80240438. i have done "sfc /scannow". no error.

4-I can't access ONLY in google chrome(in Windows & Debian) i will get error "Error code: ERREMPTYRESPONSE" . but if i use a proxy (e.g. Psiphone or TOR) i can access these site!!!!

i get these errors in my both Laptops. one has Windows 8 Enterprise, another has Debian 7.0.2. Ipod mentioned above is "IPOD 4th gen 32gb" in Windows 8, I'm running "ESET Smart Security" lastest version (Trial).

i thought this is my OS problem. so i installed Debian in one off my systems. nothing changed.

if you need ANY log file, feel free to ask.

  LastChip 03:34 27 Dec 2013

You may be able to ping, but is your router set to use the DNS service (or any other valid service)?

Try opening a terminal on your Debian machine and changing to root. Then use the command:


and see if it finds Googles server or not.

If not, note where it stops responding and try:


and you should get a final response;

If you CAN traceroute, but CAN'T traceroute, there's a high probability it's a DNS configuration problem your end.

Note: If you can't change to root, then simply place sudo in front of each command, but you'll still need the root password to run the command. It may actually be possible to run traceroute as user, but that will depend on how your machine is set-up.

The Chrome issue is known, and is specific to Chrome. So I suspect it has very little to do with your other connection issue. Once you can connect normally, try clearing the cache in Chrome, That may help.

  m.pour2000 14:06 27 Dec 2013

thanks for response. traceroute says unreachable destination for my DNS set to automatic and it is and right now

and for chrome. i done that before. no change. i uninstalled chrome using REVO uninstaller. re-install it. nothing change

  LastChip 20:16 27 Dec 2013

OK, try manually setting your DNS servers to:

They are publicly available DNS servers offered by Google.

The addresses you're using at present are part of a block issued to ASRE ENTEGHAL DADEHA Tehran IRAN. Who knows what they're blocking or letting through.

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