Nasty popups

  rosyred 00:14 11 Oct 2003

I'm getting porn popups (sorry about the phraseology)and the only thing I've changed on my pc is to update to IE6 from a PC Advisor cd
Help! and as usual words of one syllable. Oh and I did visit a well known poster's lingerie site but that wouldn't be the problem - would it??

  hugh-265156 00:20 11 Oct 2003

click here maybe if it looks like click here

just noticed at the bottom of my second link that messenger service cannot be disabled in 98?? strange,didnt know that.

may just be pop ups from websites.

this is a good firewall(free version) and has a built in pop up stopper and should stop any nasty pop ups appearing click here

  VoG II 00:24 11 Oct 2003

Nope! click here or even better, so I am instructed, is click here and click on Stop Windows Messenger Spam.

  Djohn 00:24 11 Oct 2003

Doubt it rosy, VoG's home-page is quite safe ;o)

It could be the messenger pop-up's and is not required on your PC, [Not related to windows messenger] try this site, scroll down the page a little to see if it's the same. If it is then follow the instructions on there. click here j.

  hugh-265156 00:37 11 Oct 2003

rosyred has win 98 guys

i just noticed the cannot be disabled in 98 thing,whats that all about??

  rosyred 00:41 11 Oct 2003

Havent tried all your sites yet but the jester site is only 4 2000/NT/XP and the site you recommend Djohn is not 4 W98 or ME huggy's correct on that score
This is full blown animated full screen porn in glorious technicolour not what u want to look at with your cocoa

  hugh-265156 00:47 11 Oct 2003

outpost will sort it for you then,it sounds like pop up adverts from websites.

a good firewall too.make sure you uninstall your other one first if you go with outpost.

or try a seperate pop up stopper there is loads avaailable.i cant recommend outpost highly enough though.worth a try.

  rosyred 00:52 11 Oct 2003

......may just be pop ups from websites.

The only website I've been on tonight is this one
lol :-)

  rosyred 00:54 11 Oct 2003

...and I dont think I've got a Firewall

  hugh-265156 01:04 11 Oct 2003

would be advisable then to get one.

and an antivirus one and very very good click here keep it up to date and run at least once a week.

go for outpost too its a great firewall

also consider running spybot and remove everything it finds click here

will keep you safe and trouble free while online and all free of charge.

  paddyjack 01:08 11 Oct 2003

Since I installed the Google toolbar not a pop up in sight, and it is free.

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