NAS Question - Sync or not to sync....

  JayDay 17:04 05 Jan 2010

I have purchased a Buffalo Linkstation Live NAS.

I have 1 PC and two laptops, and syncing all three is becoming a pain.

Initially I was thinking of putting everyone's documents on the NAS and then accessing them that way. However this will mean changing the My documents pictures etc on all three computers for all users (a bit of work).

I then wondered if it would be easier to sync the NAS with the three computers automatically. I already have Syncback SE.

Anyone have any experience of either method that could offer some advice?

  bucko1986 15:44 10 Jan 2010

What is the reason for your NAS drive? To share files between computers?

I always think that it is best to have all files stored centrally on the NAS and not on the computers. It may take a little time to set up but would be well worth it.

For example - I have my Itunes library stored on my NAS and I have set up Itunes on all three of my PCs to point at this. Therefore I can change my library and sync my ipods on any of my computers.

  JayDay 15:56 10 Jan 2010

Thanks for the reply. I want to store all the families documents on the NAS so they can be accessed from any computer. Sadly I don't think this is possible in my case as Windows 7 won't allow folders on network drives to be added to libraries. A huge oversight IMO.

I have now had to resort to using AlwaySync to sync all the computers to the NAS drive, not ideal.

  SimpleSimon1 12:39 11 Jan 2010

Not yet a W7 user (yep, another XP diehard :-) but I googled "Windows 7 won't allow folders on network drives to be added to libraries" and found various workaround articles including this click here which seems to describe various possibilities.

MS do seem to have a talent for own-goals since, as I read it, the Libraries functionality could be quite handy. Obviously, we home users aren't meant to run NAS and home networks.

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