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NAS Drive DATA Recovery from failed NAS Drive

  Ste Worrall 19:31 06 Sep 2016

As per my last post of slow transfer speeds from my PC to NAS Drive, I have found the NAS Drive has gone faulty, the Ethernet cable connection port has failed. I have stripped the unit down and removed the HDD, and I have a external caddy to connect the drive to, to try and recover as much data as I can. However Im led to beleive that NAS Drives are not simply data storage, they store the files in a different way, which is why I seem to have issues connecting to the HDD. When I connect the recovered HDD to the computer It wont allow me to access the disk unless I format it, Can anyone advise me how I could recover the data from this HDD

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 08:18 07 Sep 2016

Your NAS is probably a linux based system so if you download and burn a linux distro and boot from that you should then be able to mount the drive and recover the data.

  wee eddie 12:39 07 Sep 2016

Stick the Drive back in its Case and use the USB Port

  Ste Worrall 22:56 07 Sep 2016

I have tried the USB connection but it doesnt show up on my PC, Id like to try the LINUX method, Is there any chance you could describe the steps I have to take, Thanks for any advice

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