NAS 'box' advice

  ListysDad 09:11 03 Jul 2008

I've read through what I can find regarding network storage and it seems instead of NTFS I'd be better off using XMS(?) as I need to store a number of files larger than 4GB.

Does anyone know of a reliable, but value for money (NOT cheapo), NAS box i.e. an empty storage solution? I'm not interested in wireless as it's far too slow. Just a simple NAS box that could, ideally, take say three disks.

Thanks people.

  Christopher Lewis 17:05 03 Jul 2008

Try ReadyNAS from Netgear. I have one, it's easy to setup, and streams movies just fine.


  MarvintheAndroid 21:05 03 Jul 2008

Akasa do a NAS storage box which accepts a standard IDE drive and makes it network aware. It is called the Akasa Integral, and mine box has USB2 and RJ45 connections on the back. Mine came without a drive installed.

The drive uses security keys to ensure that only authorised users can access the data, and when installed it appears as a new drive letter.

click here


  ListysDad 22:33 03 Jul 2008

Thanks guys.

A couple of questions about the akasa. I couldn't find any ref to the type of drive supported i.e. ide or sata. Do you know? Also, is NTFS onl supported via USB or can one use it via ethernet too?

If I'm honest I like the idea of one box as then one can install a raid array and its all so neat and tidy.

Any other suggestions anyone?

  MarvintheAndroid 20:13 04 Jul 2008

The Akasa I use supports IDE not SATA, but to be honest it doesn't matter much because you only have the options of connecting via USB2 or ethernet - and neither will transfer data at native ATA or SATA speeds.

In use I have found it fine, including streaming video, but for backing up large volumes I disconnect the RJ45 and plug in the USB2 instead because it's faster. (Don't connect both at the same time).

Akasa do loads of other drive enclodures for IDE and SATA, but most are not for NAS.

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  MarvintheAndroid 20:14 04 Jul 2008

PS Mine is formatted NTFS and works both ways.


  ListysDad 20:23 04 Jul 2008

Marv thanks. I already have a couple of USB boxes linked up to my PC and its that which is driving me down the NAS route as I have to go and make and eat tea whilst files transfer across...

I guess this discussion leads me to conclude that its pure speed (but not at any price) I'm after.

  Ditch999 20:32 04 Jul 2008

A NAS box with a gigabit network connection would be a lot quicker as long as your PC has a gigabit network port.

  ListysDad 20:42 04 Jul 2008

Agree Ditch but which one and how much?

  interzone55 20:53 04 Jul 2008

I think you probably want something like the Buffalo Terastation click here

I supports NTFS and a couple of Linux formats, EXT2 and EXT3 I think, but all my customers use NTFS, so I'm not 100% sure...

  MarvintheAndroid 01:01 06 Jul 2008

If you are looking for gigabit, it's not just the pc but any other devices in the chain (network switch etc) which need to support it.

If what you really want is pure speed for backups etc and you think USB2 is too slow, forget NAS and go for en E-SATA drive. However this will mean it can only be accessed by one computer at a time, unless you share it across a network.


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