A narrow escape or a big mistake

  Yimbo 16:02 19 Apr 2018

Whilst browsing a few minutes ago, the session was interrupted by a full page spread purporting to come from MS. A female voice kept repeating, over and over: "Windows has significantly changed - call immediately 0800 046 5257. Do not delay, call now" Also a smaller box asking for my username and password. I pondered all this for a few moments, and decided to close the page - but it wouldn't let me. Eventually I shut down my computer and then re-started. Nothing seems to be amiss and Malware Premium found no problems either. So, the question is: Have I had a narrow escape from a potential scam - or - made a big mistake by ignoring the warning alert?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:32 19 Apr 2018

Have I had a narrow escape from a potential scam


they just lock the browser next time use Ctrl Alt Del to bring up task manager and then click on your browser in task manager and select end task to close the browser.

reopen your browser and it will be OK

  lotvic 18:13 19 Apr 2018

Yes, and I do same as FB's said. Close browser via Taskmanager. There are variations on the scam screen that locks browser.

  Govan1x 18:22 19 Apr 2018


What security programs are you using. Just interested to see why it was not stopped before it got on your computer.

Any information could be useful to others.

  Govan1x 18:25 19 Apr 2018

meant to add. The problem may still be on your computer so maybe give C Cleaner a run and that will get rid of temporary files and folders etc where it maybe lurking.

I would give Malwarebytes a run first then C Cleaner.

  Yimbo 23:15 19 Apr 2018

Phew.!! A narrow escape, then! Thanks for your very helpful comments and advice - much appreciated!
Govan1x, I have Malwarebytes Premium on a free trial basis, and AVG free version. Neither picked up on this matter.

  Govan1x 23:39 19 Apr 2018

Surprised Malwarebytes never picked it up as it is fairly reliable.

Mind you I have been caught like that before as well just opening a website and immediately under attack and getting the computer shut down really quick was the only reason that I managed to stop it.

A lessen to be learned there for others that get the same sort of problem.

  Secret-Squirrel 18:28 20 Apr 2018

I have Malwarebytes Premium on a free trial basis, and AVG free version.

You'll almost certainly find that it's only Malwarebytes that's protecting you at the moment. When the Premium version is installed it usually knocks AVG into "Passive Mode" and that turns off all realtime protection. You can check by opening up AVG and seeing if it's displaying a big red warning.

If you're affected and not happy with this then you have two options. Either wait for the trial to end and AVG should spring back into action, or, end the trial manually in the Malwarebytes Settings section then click the "Fix Now" button in AVG.

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