Naming USB hard drive

  Observer 16:32 10 Apr 2005

How does one name a USb hard drive?
I bought a Hitacji 80Gig drive whilst passing through Hong Kong. On getting back to UK I plugged it in to my machine and whilst it is reported as operating OK its location is reported to be "0" - zero. How do I name the drive to a letter please?

  Trackrat 16:39 10 Apr 2005

If you are using XP, start / right click My computer / Manage / Disk management / right click the drive / left click change drive letters and paths.

  Trackrat 17:29 10 Apr 2005

I forgot to say when you have changed the drive letter if you right click on the drive and left click properties then in the top slot( which should have a name in it ) you can name the drive anything you like, then press OK

  Observer 23:37 10 Apr 2005

Hi Trackrat.
Your route does not lead me to "change drive letter". All I get is "Initialise", "Properties" & "Help".
When I get through to "Device Properties" and right click the drive it tells me this is "Location 0" but I can find no area or field to change its letter.
The drive is evidently disconnected if the "No entry" sign means what I think it means.
What am I doing wrong?
Many thanks for your replies.

  dan11 23:44 10 Apr 2005

" All I get is "Initialise""

Have you got the drive up and running. Have you transfered data to it?

When it comes up with Initialise, that usually means prepare the drive for use.

If you have not used it yet, set the initialise program running, you will be asked to assign a drive letter in the procedure.

  Observer 12:43 11 Apr 2005

Hi Dan 11. You suspect this drive has not been initialised. I realise I may have problems here due to having tested the drive with my Son-in-law in Hong Kong in th ehour before I departed for the UK. We linked it to his PC and ttransferred a bundle of photos to it. Therefore the Hitachi drive was initialised on a different machine from the one I intend to use it with in the future.

Do I have to reformat this disk? If so, how, as I still have to name it?

  dan11 14:45 11 Apr 2005

If the drive has been working and you have transfered " a bundle of photos " from your son in laws computer. You would think it would just plug and play ( or is that pray ).

Is it not showing in my computer? If not, you will probably have to initialise the drive,You will loose those photos.

If you decide to proceed. Right click the drive, pick initialise,follow the wizard, you will get the option to assign a drive letter.

Can your son in law e-mail you the photos?

  TomJerry 14:54 11 Apr 2005

it maybe just usb2 and usb1 issue, the drive is most likely use2

have you install XP SP1 or SP2 for your XP?

did you try different usb port? unplug and plug a few times.

Sometime, usb port does not supply enough power for it to power up. So do not use any usb hulb, unplug all other usb devices.

  Observer 21:09 11 Apr 2005

Hi Dan11 and TomJerry,
I can get the phots "attached" over from HK. It does not matter unduly if I scrub them but there are some 50 or more and it wowuld be nice to look them over if possible.

The system is XP with SP2. Various ports have been tried and the disk is still recognised as Location 0 (zero), working properly and "troubleshooter" does not go into any routine - as it is working properly! It does not show in the My Computer window as a hard drive.

  Observer 22:25 11 Apr 2005

Further to your query about power supply, I have removed all the other USB gear except the Hitachi connection and I got the same story. Disk in proper working order but still location zero.
I tried initialising but the system reported an unexpected error - check error log. I did so - It reported a warning as follows:-

"Windows saved user JOHN-8HK8AISO0R\Jhon registry while an application or service was still using the registry during log off. The memory used by the user's registry has not been freed. The registry will be unloaded when it is no longer in use.

This is often caused by services running as a user account, try configuring the services to run in either the LocalService or NetworkService account."

Should I and how?

  dan11 23:40 11 Apr 2005

Sorry Observer, but that has me completley baffled.

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