Naming MP3/WAV files

  ivesy 18:24 31 Jul 2006

I want to transfer some my older CD albums to my MP3 player. I can do this easy enough but the tracks aren't named. Is there a (simple!) program out there that will alow me to rename these tracks?

  ade.h 18:26 31 Jul 2006

There are such programs, though none that spring to mind right now. How are you ripping these CDs? If you are using WMP, all the tracks will be named and have the relevant info in the tags.

  ivesy 18:46 31 Jul 2006

I'm using WMP but my CD's are saying Track 1, Unknown Artist. I've just tried using 123 Tag which is a bit labourious (think that's right). To be honest I'm not sure I want to sit and type out all the info for each album. I wonder if there's something that can make this easier for me! Thanks for the quick reply though!

  andrew-196854 18:56 31 Jul 2006

are you online when you rip the cds,if not try being online when ripping

  ivesy 19:04 31 Jul 2006

I am sometimes. I'll give that a go!

  ivesy 19:13 31 Jul 2006


Thanks for that I really appreciate it!

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