In the name of silence or reasonable quiet

  Diemmess 16:29 11 Sep 2007

A four month old mid-range factory built computer.

Functions exactly as it should, but ignoring the sound advice "If it aint broke don't fix it" i would like it to sound less like a collection of busy fans, which it has!
I am prepared to spend some more and replace the PSU, CPU's fan and even the case fan.

The video card fan seems blameless, stalling for one moment doesn't change the rushing noise.

The PSU is probably the most justifiable replacement. It is a bog standard ATX of 300w.

I wonder if click here will do the trick. (5th down the list) the 435W job)?

The case fan is a standard affair drawing warm air and pushing it out of the back. It is possibly an 8cm fan (approx 7cm between screws) and draws its power from the mobo.
Probably not contributing much windrush but suggestions welcome?

The CPU fan sits naked on a sort of 4 legged gantry over a very elaborate dome of fine fins and Intel trade mark. Doesn't seem responsible for much noise, but again, any comments.

  I am Spartacus 16:41 11 Sep 2007

Quiet fans and other components from QuietPC click here

I've bought a few items from them and would particularly recommend Xilence Red Wings, not silent but they are quiet with a good airflow.

They also stock quiet PSUs.

  Diemmess 17:55 11 Sep 2007

Yes I'm sure the video fan isn't to blame.
I stopped it with my fan-stopping finger and wondered whether it had started again because I could hear no difference.
Stopping it again reasured me!!
Much the same with the Intel CPU fan

I am Spartacus
A really helpful link except that even my spendthift attitude baulks at >£100+ for a PSU.
I want quiet but not that much!
Their case fans make me think of an Acoustifan for the case fan.

Brad G
Your comment about the Novatech site has made me change my selection to the Thermaltake 420w job ebven though Live chat with a tech rep this am offered the Hiper

Great? minds think alike

One fresh question:
The size of a case fan is the measurement of the unit across either of the parallel sides?
It doesn't refer to the screw spacing?

  Diemmess 16:55 13 Sep 2007

The Thermaltake PSU arrived this luchtime, and from QuietPC so did the Acoustifan.

Fitted them and almost put fingers in ears and screwed up my face as I switched on.
(well you never know!)

Subjectively, and just guessing I would say 75% of the noise has gone.

Probably the video card fan is next to be "improved" but I can settle now for what I have, It is nearly as quiet as many a laptop.

Thanks again for a lot of sensible help.

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