Name Conflict in Excel spreadsheet prevents opening

  tallboy 12:19 20 Nov 2014

I originally created a fairly simple Excel spreadsheet using the 2007 version on my 64-bit Windows 7 desktop. I then transferred it to my HP Netbook which has LibreOffice so that I could update it on holiday. I have always saved it (on the Netbook) in an Excel format, but when I now try to open it on my desktop PC I get the message:

Name Conflict: Name cannot be the same as a built-in name. Old name: PrintArea000

Whatever New name I try to enter, Excel will not accept it. The spreadsheet appears to be OK behind the 'Name Conflict' message but I can't use it until I can get rid of the message.

If anyone has any ideas how to solve this 'riddle' I would be pleased to hear them. I still have the spreadsheet on my Netbook so can save it in other formats, but Excel doesn't like the ones I have tried so far.



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