Name change in Gmail by who?

  martd7 12:24 21 Mar 2018

Last weekend I noticed emails I sent through Gmail were not in my name it had been altered somewhat,It was me sending them just my name had been altered to " Mart Demon" I changed it back to my original name,through Gmail/Google preferences

How can this have happened?

  wiganken2 14:20 21 Mar 2018

In "Settings" click on the "Accounts & Import" tab. There you should see "Send email as" and you may find it has been changed to "Mart Demon". I believe you can change this by clicking on the "Edit info" on the right of that page.

  martd7 14:29 21 Mar 2018


I have changed it back already,my question is how did it get changed to begin with,as it wasn't me

  Forum Editor 16:10 21 Mar 2018

I would not waste time worrying about how this happened. I suggest that you click here and scroll down to the section headed 'Securing your account'.

  martd7 17:19 21 Mar 2018

Thanks FE , the name change was a play on words as well ie Mart demon -Matt damon

  Peter~24 08:40 22 Mar 2018


Perhaps someone knows your password and has made this change as a "joke"? Might be best to change your password and keep it to yourself.


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