ianeon 08:08 28 Dec 2003

Good morning - AVG tells me I have "Nachi" in System Volume Installation - I have run AVG to get rid of this to no avail - I have consulted Google and carried out every suggestion, I have used other anti-virus software without success, I have downloaded Nachi cleaners, I have re-installed AVG - with no success the warning still popps up - - Can anyone tell me how I access "System Volume Information" to look for the offending location and remove it C:\SYSTEMVOLUMEINFORMATION\_REMOVE{CF3281E3-DE25-4929-81F3-56DDF849C398}RP35\A0001669.EXE...thank you for your help - Ian

  ianeon 08:10 28 Dec 2003

Sorry that should read "restore" not "Remove" - thank you

  Lionheart? 08:19 28 Dec 2003

What OS are you using.

  Lionheart? 08:25 28 Dec 2003

Have you tried a System Restore.

  QQAA 08:31 28 Dec 2003

I remember their free but powerful "HouseCall" online virus scanning tool (based on the famous "PC-cillin" engine) has discovered a virus trace in the System Restore area of my Windows XP, and they managed to remove it online.

Go to the website of Trend Micro and ask them to make an urgent house call now click here.

  ianeon 09:25 28 Dec 2003

Thank you for your initial thoughts on my problem - I am using Windows XP Pro. - I have tried Norton, Trend, McAfee, Panda, Sophos and "System restore" - thats why I thought I should go to "system Volume Installation"

  VoG II 09:32 28 Dec 2003

You need to disable System Restore, scan nto be sure it has gone then re-enable System Restore. click here

  jimv7 09:34 28 Dec 2003

Right click 'My Computer', click on the tab 'system Restore' find the checkbox to disable system restore and click to put a tick in it. Restart your computer, run avg again.

Finally remove the tick to re-enable system restore.

  QQAA 09:45 28 Dec 2003

The virus name identified by Trend Micro when I received their HouseCall previously was also "Nachi" and it was found in the System Restore fold of my machine. I could be wrong with the virus name though, as I don't have a super memory.

As nowadays I don't have any anti-virus software package installed in my Windows XP machine, at that time there was certainly no other anti-virus tool running in my system except for the online version of "PC-cillin" via the HouseCall online interface.

Perhaps you might want to consider rebooting, exiting your installed anti-cirus tool (whatever it is), and try a fresh online scanning with HouseCall. I don't think I am able to contribute further with regard to your problem.

  VoG II 09:47 28 Dec 2003


The virus is stuck in a Restore Point. You need to proceed as per my post at 09:32.

  ianeon 11:48 28 Dec 2003

Thank you for your help - I have done as you suggested - I will keep my fingrs crossed that this has solved the problem - Ian

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