n series router

  1973scotty 17:32 23 Jan 2010

hi i am looking for an n serious router, if ot says b,g,n campatablie dose that mean i wont need an n series adaptor on every laptop, but the sppeds will be slower. just thinking about as my systems keeps droping.

  mgmcc 09:14 24 Jan 2010

An 802.11n router will be backward compatible with "b" (11Mbps) and "g" (54Mbps) Wireless Network Adapters, so these will connect at their slower speeds. An 802.11n adapter, depending on its spec, will connect at 150Mbps or 300Mbps.

This isn't necessarily the solution to your system "dropping" (presumably the wireless connection). Dropped connections can be due to interference from other electrical devices and changing the Channel number in your router *might* solve the problem.

  1973scotty 12:47 24 Jan 2010

yes, but i think my problem is my router cant cope with two linux tv boxes on. and when i both the laptops, one laptop has an n series adaptor fitted the other dosent.

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