MyWay My Websearch

  Dekka123 09:04 22 Dec 2008

When I ran spybot S&D this morning The above nasty was showing. I tried to remove it but got the message that it could not be removed and to restart my comp, which I did. S & D started up and I got the same result. Can someone please advise me how I can remove it. Is it dangerous if I cant remove it. Thanks in advance. I am running Win XP Pro SP3.

  MAJ 09:10 22 Dec 2008

Download, install, update and run scans with both Mbam click here and SuperAntiSpyware click here both are free.

  Elderslie 11:21 22 Dec 2008

Google "My Way My Web Search" I think you'll find it's harmless.

  bremner 11:29 22 Dec 2008

This might help click here

  Dekka123 12:07 22 Dec 2008

MAJ thanks for your quick reply. I downloaded both programmes and scanned my system. Both programmes detected the files and and reported that it had removed the threat. I then scanned the system again and it reported all was clear and there were no threats. I then ran spybot search and destroy and it reported the offending fies were still there. I then went to the control panel add and remove programmes and the programme was not listed. Any ideas?

  skidzy 16:23 22 Dec 2008

after running SAS and Mbam (in safemode) you need to reboot the computer and scan again....Do you still have any entries ?

The best way of removal is manually if possible.Here is a link that will guide you through,if you need help...just ask click here

  Dekka123 23:44 22 Dec 2008

Thanks skidzy for your reply. The problem is there is no mention of the programme in add & Remove. I scanned with SAS and it found it and I quarantined it and then rebooted and rescanned and it said there were no infections.I then scanned my comp in spybot S & D and the infection showed again and it was unable to remove it. So I am now stumped any other suggestions.

  rdave13 00:16 23 Dec 2008

It could be that Spybot s&d is picking it up in SAS' quarantine. Delete it from quarantine and then run a scan with spybot. click here

  Dekka123 07:42 23 Dec 2008

Hi rdave13 I did as you suggested and I scanned with SAS and it reported no threats. I then rebooted and scanned with Spybot S & D and it still found the threat fter a reboot.

  rdave13 10:27 23 Dec 2008

Have a look in program files or do a search for myweb search or fun web products empty folders.

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