Les 21:52 10 May 2006

My neighbour, as usual, has got a little problem.

He has tried to copy an .EXE file from his desktop computer to his laptop via a USB Flash Drive. Normally an easy thing to do - but in his case the file on the laptop alters in some way - the icon changes from it's regular shield shape to an icon showing many folders - when trying to run it it puts up a box saying that it cannot be recognised. The program is a legitimate copy costing some £500 - he needs, in addition to his first copy (working) on his desktop, a copy to put on someone else's computer (again, for a legitimate purpose)- clearly this won't work. But why? Is it possible for a program to be protected from copying (like a DVD) - if it is it becomes unusable?

I have suggested that he gets in touch with the program suppliers - but I would appreciate your views.

  dagbladet 21:56 10 May 2006

Wild stab in the dark. If the icon is a stack of books (4) lying on their sides in a pile, it could be because he's got a zip prog called winrar on the laptop, which isn't on the PC?

  VoG II 22:00 10 May 2006

This may well be a one licence one computer issue.

  Les 22:09 10 May 2006


Well, they look like books but not in a pile.


Yes that is what I thought - he will have to sort the matter out with the program suppliers.
I gave tried to convince him that neither his laptop or flashdrive is 'up the creek' - thanks for your prompt replies.

  Les 22:10 10 May 2006

gave ? - have! Someday, after 60 years of trying I will, eventually, hit the right keys 8-))

  FatboySlim71 22:51 10 May 2006

Go onto this site and download the Winrar program, cause if the icon is a pile of books lying on their side then the Winrar program will uncompress/unzip the mentioned file, also it may be better to put the Winrar program on to the PC that they wish to put the mentioned program on, then this way they will be able to uncompress/unzip the mentioned program.

click here

  Les 01:45 11 May 2006

Thanks for your post, but the books (or files) were not on their side but face on, 6 or 8 of them. The file wasn't zipped or anything like that- just a straight copy from one computer to the other by means of a flash drive. I tried the same thing, but using one of my flash drives, same result. VOG's(and mine) suggestion would appear to be the true reason - but - we'll see when my neighbour 'phones the supplier of the program on Friday. I will, of course, post the answer when he tells me the outcome of the call. Thanks again to all.

  UncleP 10:54 11 May 2006

A very basic point - are you sure that he copied the installation .exe file rather a similarly named operating .exe file from his laptop? The difference of course being that the installation file self-extracts a number of .exe, .dll and even .ico files while the extracted file will require these files to be present. The changed icon may be due to the fact that it is picking up a pre-existing icon on the new computer.

My apologies if this is just too obvious to be worth considering but, yes, I had a colleague a few years ago who did just that. He didn't even get a changed icon!

  Les 18:51 11 May 2006

He called me tonight to say that the suppliers of his tennis software (he's a referee) did indeed operate a system where the software was unable to be copied (and who can blame them as it in excellent piece of kit!). They have told him that he must download another copy directly onto his laptop - the licence (which can be copied) to run it is already on it. This has to be repeated for his assistant (the fellow entering up to 500 contestants details) - however, he understands that either the program or the licence would have to be deleted from his machine after the work is completed.

So, all's well that ends well - back into storage until he needs us again 8-))

Thanks for your replies, greatly appreciated as always.

  dagbladet 19:26 11 May 2006

Thanks for letting us know.

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